"My wife and I started on the Patriot Power Greens the morning after we received them; a month ago! We are in our late 50's and have worked in careers where we use our hands constantly to accomplish tasks at hand. Within 2 weeks of the PPG regimen, the amount of joint pain, swelling and subsequent stiffness is reduced to almost zero! We are both experiencing less fatigue with a noticeable sense of well being that we enjoyed in our 30's."
- Tony W. from Nashville, TN
"I had the worse heartburn/indigestion imaginable. Since Patriot Power Greens, my symptoms have improved greatly. Also, my husband has serious problems with COPD and said he has noticed improvement in his energy. I had my doubts, thought this product may be useless like so many others I've tried. I finally decided to try it and I was pleasantly surprised. Actually does what it says. Besides the decrease in heartburn and increase in energy, I've noticed my ADD symptoms have also decreased. I have clearer thoughts and more focus." - Nanci B. from Clear Spring, MD
"I am a medically retired USAF pilot that has suffered from the effects of post surgical nerve pain and Fibromyalgia for over 15 years. My joint/unexplained nerve pain has been awful and pain management doctors had me on powerful narcotic pain killers for many years. It helped some, but also made me groggy and a bit lethargic. With all the recent Fed crackdown on use of painkillers, out of nowhere, with no warning or explanation, the military cut the drugs off cold turkey. Believe me, it was the hardest time of my life. I was out of work for 5 months while my body tried to make the adjustment. Suicide crossed my mind several times due to the withdrawals. I thought I would give them a try, and must admit, I was a bit skeptical it would help much. The Fibromyalgia has been slowly consuming me, making it very difficult to concentrate through the pain at work, and leaving my home life activities barely existent. After the 1st week on power greens I could definitely tell some difference in the overall-body pain. It has been cut in half now and I am tolerating daily work and activities much better. The damaged nerve pain won’t ever go away, but the body/joint pains have definitely reduced to a tolerable level. This in itself has been a godsend! So yes, power greens are definitely something I am glad to have found and highly recommend anyone with similar pain to at least give it a try....you never know. Thank you for offering a product that is so easy to take...I mix it in a small Gatorade bottle each morning and drink in while driving to work. I know it’s helping my body fight through the damage it has endured." - Ken B. from Del Rio, TX
"I'm a doubting Thomas and truly expected to take advantage of your guarantee and return them. I did not expect to start feeling benefits right from the first day. On days I do fix my morning drink I'm more alert mentally and physically. I get a good start on my day that carries me through. Can't say that I totally keep up with my grandchildren yet but I do a whole lot better at it and with less head and body aches. I also sleep better at night. My CPAP machine increased my sleep time from 2-3 hrs per night to 4-6, and stayed there for the last two years but since I've started with this product I'm sleeping 6-8 hrs a night, and this is the ONLY change I've made. I can tell that you don't just care about your (financial) bottom line but the satisfaction of your customers. Keep up the good work. I also enjoy your Newsletters very much."
- Crystal B., Orange MA
"I was a little reluctant to try this product at first because it seemed to be similar to so many other products that I have tried for relief from joint pain. I have really bad knees from abusing them when I was younger and have had one knee replacement. Quite frankly none of the products I have tried worked including some pretty expensive ones. Not only did Patriot Power Greens begin making my joints feel better within about two to three weeks but my energy level has been noticeably better almost immediately since I began taking the product. In fact I got my wife who has MS to try it and within a week she was off of her Amantadine which is sometimes prescribed for fatigue in MS patients. Her joint pain resulting from the M.S. seems to be better as well. I normally don't get too excited about this type of product but so far I have got to say it has really been a game changer for me and my wife."
- Rick G., Augusta GA
"For those who are where I was or worse (329 lbs), I know it is very hard to get started. Many times I was determined to do it, but I would always say I’ll start next week or at the beginning of next month, but next week or next month never came. Or I would start to try to lose weight and maybe would lose a little, but I didn’t do it the right way. I would tell myself that my metabolism was slow or make any other excuse I could come up with. Well, I found out that I could change my metabolism eating the right food’s that God and nature intended me to eat." - Mark Engler, Father & Pastor From Missouri
"I have four sons, ages 21, 11, 6 and 5. I have pictures of me and the two older boys. In each of them I look so tired and sad. I have my hands in my pockets and my head down. I also have a picture of my dad and I when I was maybe 5. I look happy and healthy and so does he, I wanted pictures like that with my two youngest boys."
- Terry Vinson, Age 57
"I am 61 and my weight kept creeping up over 20 years to 188. I am now at my 1980 weight of 165. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't lose more than 5 pounds and then regained it. I plan to stay at this weight for the next 30 years."- Curt Sparks, 61 Years Old from Minnesota
"I went for my annual physical in May and my doctor couldn't get over the change and subsequently the changes in cholesterol levels and every thing else found in the blood tests. He was amazed. Total weight loss of 38 lbs!" - Mike Fleming, Age 52 From Ontario
"Just wanted to send you my before and after photos. After gaining weight over about a 10 year span and trying different diets that really never got me any significant results your program really did the job. I lost a total of 45 pounds, thank you so much. I am a motivational speaker and country recording artist so I really get self conscious being in front of people. Now I feel terrific!!!!!!!"- Sonny James, Country singer From Pennsylvania
"After exercising for nearly a year with NO results, I finally had enough and decided to try something else. My husband and I did this program to get in shape for a vacation we had coming up, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Brian lost 17 lbs in just four weeks and I lost 12 lbs. We both work 50+ hours a week and this was easier than any other weight loss program I’ve tried before. Our friends saw us a few weeks after we started the program and couldn’t stop talking about how much younger we looked, it was great."- Pam and Brian Goff, Ages 52 and 56 from Sandusky, Ohio
"My clothes fit, I can get up out of a chair without aching, and I sleep through the night. I’ve lost 48 pounds, going from 327 to 279. I’m 64 and I feel younger every day! The biggest reward for me though, is knowing I’ll be around to see my grandkids grow up." - Butch Bondoc, Age 64 , Virginia
"My daughter and I went to a special ladies’ night out at a local church on Friday night. I met up with two ladies there whom I hadn’t seen in months, and both of them hardly recognized me at first. One of those ladies didn’t know whether to approach me or not as she wasn’t convinced it really was me until she had confirmed it with someone else in the group first! They both kept telling me how good I looked and couldn’t get over the transformation. On our way home that evening, my teenage daughter told me how proud she was 'to have such a young looking mother there.'"
- Deanna Carruthers, Age 53
"I’m amazed at how quickly the pounds came off my belly and my thighs. I lost 10 lbs in the first three weeks alone! I hit my target of losing 25 lbs (and beat it by 3 lbs!) Also the acid reflux that I have been battling for over 20 years is GONE! Thanks." - Deb Cooper, 62 Years Old from Nevada
"My pants that used to hug my waist are now falling off of me. The GUT is gone!" - Kevin Fleury, Age 51 From Michigan
"I followed this program for a month and I just loved it. I am down 24.5lbs, lost 1.5inches on my waist and 2.25inches on my hips. Thanks for introducing me to my new life!!! Here’s my before and after pictures, feel free to use them!" - Gordon Dunbar
"People who go on this diet can cure their diabetes in 2 weeks."
- Dr. Robert Lustig M.D., Endocrinologist
"I lost 30 lbs, my cholesterol went from 221 to 170, my blood pressure dropped and I went from being pre-diabetic to having NO blood sugar problems at all." - Dr. Kim Mulvihill M.D., Health Anchor CBS News
"I can’t tell you how excited I was to wake up this morning with an erection… it was HARD… a bonafide BONER. WOW! I have been trying to find a product that worked for 2 years as I have been fighting a hormone imbalance that I know is related to my enlarged prostate. My estrogen was so high I was putting on a tie-died moo-moo and going to the local Catholic church on Tuesday night to play bingo. I HATE drugs and I have been trying to find something natural to rectify my testosterone:estrogen ratio… Ultimate Male seems to be doing the trick to increase my T naturally… thank you." - Dave M.
"After reviewing the available research and clinical studies to boost testosterone production, as a doctor I would recommend Ultimate Male for men looking to increase their testosterone & sex drive."
- Dr. Maria Armstrong, M.D., Board Certified Physical Medicine
"As I am closing in fast on 62 years of age, I thought I was on the inevitable downhill slide of life. I had been feeling “old” for a while; physical stamina lacking, physical strength reduction which alarmed me, diminished sexual drive. But I am a severe skeptic of all the big systems, especially our government, and Jeff’s presentation really caught my attention. I wasn’t even greatly interested in the return to my “normal” sex drive, but I really needed to retain my physical strength. Jeff’s offer was very attractive, and with no risk, so I tried it. About a month after I started using “Ultimate Male”, I was recruited to help my youngest boy straighten out a railroad bridge that had been severely bent by an oversized load not clearing through the underpass. It took us four days, and I kept up with him for twelve hours a day. I felt back to my old raw¬boned, iron¬hard self with as much or more energy than my boy, who is half my age. I feel great! I’ll say this, though, by taking “Ultimate Male”, I wake up, EVERY MORNING, with a full on erection."- Roy L.
"I hope this email is read by a real person so they may get the finer points of my comments. I received Ultimate Male 4 days ago and was very surprised at the quick results. I have never had problems with my sex drive, so I think when taking this product it should come with a warning. After the first day I woke up with a pup tint, didn’t really think too much of it. The second day, same thing but was “charged up” all day. By the third day my energy was noticeably increased and I didn’t think I could hold until the wife got home that night from work. It also seems that my concentration and focus are much better. I will keep you posted. Thanks For this product." - Jim D.
"Jeff I have been using Ultimate Male for 6 months, I have lost 30 lbs. and workout twice a day . I feel great using this product and have seen my sex drive and energy increase using this product. I need to reorder."
- Tom B.
"My husband who will be 64 next month says it works and his wife of 39 years of marriage can testify to that! He has tried other products in the past so we are both very happy. Thank you again!"
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people. In order to protect the privacy of some of our customers, their name and picture has been changed in the advertisement. Some of the customers featured in this advertisement were given a free product in exchange for their feedback on the product. Although not guaranteed, every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the testimonials and customer letters we have received are exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The generally expected performance of our products in regards to any specific application has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to your specific results.
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