Which Of These 3 Hidden Triggers Are Secretly Killing Your Testosterone and Ruining Your Sex Life?

Dear friend,

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

When Bob came to see me, he sat on the exam table with his shoulders slumped in despair.

“I’m only 53, Doc... but I just don’t have the energy I used to. I feel tired all the time... I can’t lose weight… and my sex drive is pretty much DEAD at this point...

When my wife and I do have sex... I try to please her. But most of the time,
I have trouble ‘rising to the occasion.’

It’s embarrassing. You ever have this happen? I feel like a loser. Like I’m half of a man. I never used to be like this. A stiff breeze used to have me rarin’ to go.

Sometimes I just want to scream out loud...

“What the heck is wrong with me?”

If Bob’s story sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, over 30 million American men suffer from the same problems.

Today, I’m going to reveal the real reason for this ED epidemic. And surprisingly it has almost nothing to do with your diet... your weight... or your age.

You’ll also discover why most conventional—and even alternative treatments—simply don’t work.

And you’ll hear about a new, all-natural breakthrough designed to increase stamina... boost energy levels... and promote harder, stronger erections—even when nothing else works.

But first, I’d like to tell you why this breakthrough is so effective—and how it can help you finally feel like the “old you” again in as little as 21 days.

The hidden culprit behind your embarrassing bedroom troubles

Dr. Lane Sebring M.D. is a licensed medical doctor in private practice in Wimberley, Texas. He specializes in using holistic anti-aging therapies and also serves as board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. His list of patients include world-leading doctors, tennis superstars, and even former governors. Dr. Sebring is also an Air Force Veteran, a life-long conservative, and a self described "gun nut".

Hi, my name is Dr. Lane Sebring. I’m a licensed medical doctor that's helped thousands of men to naturally boost their testosterone.

You may know me as the creator of Patriot Power Greens. Or you may have seen some of my articles on places like Newsmax, Glenn Beck or The Blaze.

For over 30 years, I’ve dedicated my life to combining ancient healing wisdom with modern medical science.

And today, I’d like to tell you about the hidden culprit behind your fatigue... low sex drive... and frustrating bedroom problems.

You see, new research from Harvard and other top universities has uncovered 3 little-known (but very common) triggers that wreak havoc with your hormones... weaken your erections... wipe out your libido... and ruin your sex life.

Unfortunately, conventional treatments can’t do a thing to address these triggers. And most natural remedies are useless, too.

But thanks to a recent breakthrough, you can flip these triggers off for good. When that happens, you can...

  • Restore your youthful energy and libido... and enjoy the non-stop sexual stamina you had in your 20s and 30s.
  • Fire up your sex drive and rekindle the passion in your relationship... and give your woman the sexual (and emotional) intimacy she craves...
  • Get rock-hard erections again—and leave her smiling in satisfaction again and again...

Once you know how to “switch off” these hidden triggers, you can do all of that—and more. And it all starts with reversing the first hidden trigger...

Erection-Destroying Trigger #1:

Household toxins that cut your testosterone in half

Did you know that you probably have half the testosterone of your father or grandfather? It’s true.

Back in 1945, the average American man had T levels of around 700. But that’s sky-high by today’s standards.

In fact, the average guy today has T levels of just over 300—less than half as much as the men of “The Greatest Generation”.

And here’s the really bad news...

This disturbing trend is actually picking up steam—and that spells disaster for any man interested in a healthy, active sex life. Let me show you what I mean.

Testosterone Levels Are Dropping Faster Than Ever

From 1945 to 1987, the average American man’s testosterone levels went from 700 to just over 500. That’s a drop of about 200 points over four decades.

That’s bad enough. But a recent study found the problem is getting worse. Much worse.

You see, from 1987 to 2009 — just 22 short years — average T levels plummeted from 500 to just over 300.

That’s another 200-point drop... in just half the time!

In other words, the chemical castration of the American male just doubled in speed. And there’s no sign this nationwide epidemic of “Low T” is slowing down.

So what’s behind this disturbing trend?

Scientists aren’t sure. But a major suspect: the hundreds of hidden toxins found in our homes, cars, and workplace. For instance...

  • If you’re like 3 out 4 Americans, your tap water contains a powerful toxin that can slash your T levels by 50%. And chances are you’re getting a hefty dose every single day!
  • A Harvard University study found testosterone-destroying ingredients in 96 prescription pills... 33 over-the-counter drugs... and dozens of popular supplements. Worse, no one is sure how widespread the problem really is!
  • Blood samples show that 99.8% of Americans have a nasty hormone-disrupting chemical in their body—one that’s virtually impossible to avoid, even if you only eat organic food.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg...

Those are just a few examples. The ugly truth is that our modern world is chock-full of these testosterone-killing chemicals. They’re in the food we eat... the water we drink... and air we breathe.

So they’re almost impossible to avoid. And it only takes a tiny amount to wreak havoc with your hormones.

But here’s the good news: there’s a simple, natural way to reverse the damage these T-lowering toxins can cause.

You don’t have to roll the dice on risky prescription drugs. You don’t have to shell out a fortune for some strange “cleanse.” And you don’t have to change your diet, either.

All you need is...

The Asian herb that doubles your testosterone in 21 days

For over 300 years, traditional healers have prescribed an herb called Long Jack to men suffering from low libido and poor bedroom performance.

And for good reason. You see, this tiny plant may be the most powerful natural testosterone booster in the world!

Scientists think Long Jack works by stimulating special cells in your testicles—known as Leydig cells—to pump out more testosterone.

So instead of flooding your body with synthetic hormones, Long Jack simply restores your natural “T” levels—without triggering nasty side effects.

When that happens, your libido returns... your stamina increases... and you start to feel younger, stronger, and more energetic.

Proven to work in human studies

And Long Jack’s ability to boost T levels is impressive. In a placebo-controlled study, scientists gave one group of men Long Jack. The other took a dummy pill.

The scientists expected the Long Jack group’s testosterone levels to rise slightly. After all, this herb has hundreds of years of real-world results.

But they never expected it would work so well—or so quickly.

You see, Long Jack didn’t just increase the men’s T levels a little bit.

It skyrocketed their testosterone by a whopping 120%. That’s more than double!

What’s more, Long Jack produced these amazing results in just 21 days. That’s almost unheard of—especially for a natural remedy.

That’s impressive enough. But Long Jack also helped these men enjoy better sex more often. For example, by the end of the study...

  • 73% of reported improved sexual function and satisfaction
  • 82% saw an improvement in mood and energy levels
  • 91% of men reported they had a higher sex drive

What’s more, these men also enjoyed stronger erections... better stamina... and had more sex, too!

100% safe and effective

Over 14 human studies proven Long Jack really works. But unlike conventional hormone replacement, it has no side effects.

In fact, a major study found that this amazing herb is 100% safe—even at high dosages.

Scientists think that’s because it doesn’t flood your body with artificial hormones. Instead, Long Jack naturally boosts your testosterone production.

So you can enjoy stronger erections... a higher sex drive... and all-night-long energy - without the drawbacks!

As you can see, Long Jack can go a long way towards helping you reclaim your manhood. But restoring healthy testosterone levels is just the first step.

You see, there’s another trigger you need to know about...

Erection-Destroying Trigger #2

Mother Nature is turning you into a girly-man

Did you know the average man over 50 has higher estrogen levels than his wife or girlfriend? It’s true.

You see, as you get older your estrogen levels go up. And your T levels drop.

Meanwhile, your wife’s testosterone levels creep up and her estrogen levels plummet.

The result: she may be more interested in sex than ever—even as your own libido disappears!

Male Estrogen Levels Skyrocket After Age 50

It’s a cruel trick: just as she hits her sexual peak... you’re winding down into the long decline of old age.

But here’s the good news...

There’s a simple way to turn the tables on Mother Nature... stop runaway estrogen from stealing your manhood... and bring your sex drive and stamina roaring back.

The secret: a little-known estrogen fighter called Di-indolyl-methane, or DIM for short.

Don’t worry—despite the long name DIM is 100% natural. It’s found in small amounts in veggies like broccoli and cabbage.

But make no mistake. DIM is a powerful weapon in the battle against runaway estrogen. In fact, studies show it fights this “feminizing” hormone in three different ways. You see, DIM...

  • Zaps the enzyme that turns you into a girly-man. First, DIM zaps a nasty enzyme called aromatase. And that’s great news. Why? Because aromatase actually turns testosterone into estrogen! So the less aromatase, the less estrogen—and the higher your testosterone.
  • Turns the tables on excess estrogen. But zapping aromatase is only the first step. Next, DIM attacks the excess estrogen contaminating your bloodstream directly. Studies show it converts “bad” estrogen—the kind the causes man boobs—into “good” estrogen. And good estrogen actually supports healthy testosterone levels.
  • Boosts the most powerful, potent form of testosterone. Finally, DIM helps testosterone work even better. That’s because it boosts your levels of free testosterone—the most potent form of this male hormone. The result: more energy... leaner, flatter belly... and better performance in the bedroom.

Together with Long Jack, DIM can go a long way towards boosting your sex drive... improving your stamina... and supporting stronger erections.

While Long Jack can double your testosterone, DIM lowers estrogen. And it supports healthy male hormone levels, too. That’s a powerful one-two-three punch of potency-boosting benefits.

But there’s one more common sex-destroying trigger you need to know about. And it may be the most insidious one of all. I call it...

Erection-Destroying Trigger #3

The secret “sex switch” hidden in your brain

Remember when you were a teenager and you could get a rock-hard erection in just seconds?

Well, scientists now know those instant erections are thanks to a feel-good brain chemical called dopamine.

You may know that dopamine is a “pleasure hormone.” And you may know it plays a critical role in motivation... mood... and mental focus.

What you may not know it that dopamine is also the “master switch” for sexual arousal.

It’s the first step in a chain reaction that turns sexual thoughts... images... and feelings into a rock-hard erection.

And this chain reaction happens fast—in as little as 1/100th of a second. That’s literally as fast as lightning!

Here’s how it works...

When you see something that turns you on — a picture of a naked woman, for instance — your brain pumps out dopamine.

That signals the nerves in your penis to release chemical called nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide opens up the blood vessels in your penis. The spongy tissue in the shaft of your penis — known as the corpus cavernosum — fills up with blood. The result: a rock-hard erection.

But there’s just one problem...

Dopamine Levels Drop as you Age

As you get older, your dopamine levels drop by about 1% per year.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? But by the time you hit 60, you have just half the dopamine you did in your prime.

And as dopamine disappears, so do those instant erections of your youth.

In fact, around age 45, most men start to lose the ability to get hard at the sight of a gorgeous naked woman. And by age 60, it’s usually gone for good.

The missing link to rock-hard erections on demand

But if you’re like most men, this is probably the first time you’ve even heard of this trigger... and yet it may be the most important one of all.

And no wonder. You see, most doctors ignore “Low D” entirely—even though it may be the missing link to a healthy, hard erection. Especially when nothing else works.

In fact, a European study found a dopamine-boosting drug actually cured erection problems even for men with chronic ED.

What’s more, it worked when everything else—including the little blue pill and T-boosting drugs—failed!

The 5,000-year-old Chinese herb that flips your secret sex switch

The good news: there’s a safe and natural way to boost your dopamine levels and restore the rock-hard erections of your youth—no drugs required.

The secret? An ancient herb called Yin Yang Huo.

For over 5,000 years, Chinese doctors prescribed this leafy herb to boost sexual potency... support stronger, harder erections... and increase stamina.

And when you look at the scientific evidence, it makes perfect sense. You see, studies show that Yin Yang Huo helps naturally boost dopamine levels.

When that happens, you can reset the “sex switch” in your brain... boost your energy and stamina... and even regain the reliable, rock-hard erections of you had at 25.

Even better, studies show boosting dopamine levels can work when everything else fails. But Yin Yang Huo’s sexual benefits don’t stop there.

In fact, this amazing herb is so powerful, I call it...

“Mother Nature’s Viagra”

Yin Yang Huo supports healthy sexual function in another way, too: by directly boosting nitric oxide levels.

That’s great news, because nitric oxide helps pumps more blood into your penis — resulting in a stronger, harder erection.

It’s actually the same way prescription drugs like Viagra work. But Yin Yang Huo has a big advantage over Big Pharma’s popular pill.

Why? Well, as it turns you this ancient Chinese herb also zaps an erection-killing enzyme called PDE-5. That helps keep blood in your penis so your erection doesn’t deflate.

What’s more, Yin Yang Huo helps boost your testosterone levels. So this miracle herb doesn’t just help you get a rock-hard and long-lasting erection—it boosts your sexual stamina and desire, too!

And when you add up those benefits, the effects can be impressive—very impressive.

In one study, scientists gave Yin Yang Huo to 398 men with chronic sexual problems. Incredibly, 9 out of 10 men reported stronger, harder, more frequent erections. That’s almost unheard of—especially for an herbal remedy!

Introducing Ultimate Male: 7 proven potency-boosting breakthroughs in one easy-to-use formula

Together, Long Jack, DIM and Yin Yang Huo can fight the hidden triggers that wreak havoc with your ability to enjoy a healthy, satisfying sex life.

That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you about a new breakthrough called Ultimate Male. Every serving of this formula contains all three of the proven potency-boosting herbs I just told you about.

  • Long Jack to protect you from testosterone-destroying toxins... support healthy hormone levels... and rekindle your libido.
  • DIM to turn the tables on hidden female hormones and flush excess estrogen right out of your body.
  • Yin Yang Huo to support healthy dopamine levels... boost nitric oxide... and promote stronger, harder erections.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg...

If Ultimate Male only contained the three powerhouse herbs I just told about, it would still be one of the most powerful male potency formulas around.

But I wanted to make sure Ultimate Male was a true “best in class” solution. That’s why this breakthrough formula also includes a special blend of 4 other proven potency-boosters.

These herbs and nutrients work together with Long Jack, DIM, and Yin Yang Huo to address all the causes and complications of your bedroom troubles.

Together, these 7 powerhouse herbs support healthy hormone levels... boost your energy levels... and give you rock-hard erections on demand.

And that’s not all. These herbs fire up your libido and make you feel years younger. They supercharge your sexual stamina so you can “go” again. And they make sex feel even better—for both you and the woman you love.

So what are these amazing herbs? Well, first there’s...

The ancient Indian herb that gives you bulletproof sexual confidence

You probably know that even a little bit of performance anxiety can kill your chance of getting an erection.

But did you know that any form of stress can do the same? It’s true!

Here’s why: Every time you get stressed out—whether it’s from sitting in traffic... an argument with your spouse... or a tight deadline at work... your body pumps out stress hormones like cortisol.

And that’s bad news for your ability to get an erection.

Why? Because cortisol narrows blood vessels—especially the blood vessels in your penis.

It’s like a kink in a garden hose. Blood can’t get into your penis. So, you simply can’t get an erection—no matter how badly you want to have sex!

You can’t avoid stress. But you can stop it from ruining your sex life.

All you need is an ancient Indian herb known as Ashgawanda.

For over 2,500 years, Indian healers have used Ashgawanda to soothe anxiety... reduce stress... and promote all-around health and vitality.

What’s more, Ashgawanda has a long-standing reputation as a powerful potency-booster. It’s even mentioned in the Kama Sutra, the most famous sex manual the world!

And over 200 modern scientific studies prove Ashgawanda works. In one clinical trial, scientists gave Ashgawanda to 60 men suffering from stress-related sexual problems. In just 12 weeks, their cortisol levels plummeted by 48%.

In another study, researchers looked at Ashgawanda’s ability to reduce stress and soothe anxiety. In this placebo-controlled trial, 87 men with high stress levels took Ashgawanda. Another group got a sugar pill.

The men who took Ashgawanda reported lower stress... less anxiety... and more energy and stamina. What’s more, they felt happier... more focused... and they slept better, too!

And there’s evidence Ashgawanda supports healthy testosterone levels, too. In fact, one human study found it can boost testosterone levels by 40%!

But I still wasn’t satisfied...

As you’ve discovered over the last few minutes, male sexual problems are complex. But most male potency formulas only address part of the problem.

Some may focus only on boosting testosterone. Others may increase blood flow to your penis. And a rare few may boost dopamine or lower cortisol.

But none of these formulas can address all the hidden triggers I just told you about. And that’s what makes Ultimate Male Unique.

You see, I designed this breakthrough formula to be a complete solution to your frustrating sexual problems.

That’s why Ultimate Male includes clinically-proven testosterone boosters like Long Jack... estrogen-fighting nutrients like DIM... Ashgawanda to zap cortisol and boost stamina... and Yin Yang Huo to promote harder, stronger erections.

Most doctors might stop there. But I wanted to make sure Ultimate Male was the most powerful male potency formula available. That’s why every serving of this breakthrough also includes...

Tribulus You’ve probably heard about tribulus. It’s a testosterone-boosting herb. But that’s not why I included it in Ultimate Male.

You see, tribulus is even better at boosting another critical sex hormone: DHEA.

And that’s great news. Scientific studies prove DHEA promotes a healthy sex drive... better energy levels... and can even give you all-night-long stamina.

In fact, DHEA may be the most powerful potency-boosting hormone of all! In a long-term study of over 3,100 men, DHEA was the only hormone proven to directly impact male sexual performance.

Tribulus is clinically proven to boost DHEA by 37%. That may not sound like much. But it can have a dramatic effect on your sex life. Just take a look at the facts:

  • In one study, 92% of men who used tribulus reported a dramatic increase in their libido.
  • Another study looked at tribulus’ ability to improve stamina. 8 out 10 men who took the herb saw their sexual energy skyrocket.
  • Yet another study tested the effect of tribulus overall sexual performance. 100% of the men reported better erections and a more satisfying sex life. That’s right—100%!

Yohimbe This African herb is a popular sexual supplement. And for good reason. Human studies show it can help restore healthy erections even when conventional treatments fail!

Scientists think that’s because yohimbe increases nerve sensitivity and boosts blood flow to your penis. It also helps counteract the sexual side effects of some medications.

The best part? Yohimbe can also make herbs like Yin Yang Huo work even better. So you get a powerful “one-two” combination of potency-boosting benefits.

Zinc As you may know, zinc plays a critical role in male sexual function. In fact, even a slight deficiency can make your testosterone plummet up to 75%!

And if you’re like most guys, there’s a 4 out of 5 chance you’re not getting enough of this manly mineral.

The good news: Studies show just 5 mg of zinc a day can double your testosterone levels. That’s right—double!

Just imagine what twice the testosterone can do for your energy, health, and bedroom performance — especially when you combine it with the six other potency-boosting herbs and nutrients in Ultimate Male.

“She asked me if I took Viagra!”

After sex, she asked me if I took Viagra. ‘No’, I told her ‘just all natural stuff!’

Just thought you would like to know we old guys can still thrill the ladies!”

- Earl C., Florence SC

The most complete male potency formula available

No other formula contains Ultimate Male’s blend of 7 proven potency-boosting herbs and nutrients. No other formula can protect you from hidden toxins and other ED triggers. And no other formula can address all the hidden causes and complications of your bedroom problems.

Together, the 7 herbs and nutrients in this breakthrough formula are scientifically proven to help you...

  • Revive your sex drive and restore your lagging libido
  • Boost your energy levels and banish fatigue
  • Promote all-night-long stamina and help you “rise to the occasion” again and again...
  • Fight stubborn belly fat... rebuild muscle... and help you look (and feel) years younger...
  • Support harder, stronger erections—without dangerous drugs or risky surgery.
  • Safely increase your testosterone levels... lower estrogen... and naturally balance your hormones...
  • Finally let you enjoy healthy, satisfying sex life you deserve...

“I lost 30 pounds in 6 months”

“I have been using Ultimate Male for 6 months, I have lost 30 lbs. and workout twice a day.

I feel great and have seen my sex drive and energy increase using this product. I need to reorder!”

- Tom B.

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Men like Roy L...

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And Jim D...

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And Dave M...

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I HATE drugs and I have been trying to find something natural to rectify my testosterone: estrogen ratio… Ultimate Male seems to be doing the trick to increase my T naturally… thank you!”

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Right now, you have a choice...

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You can ignore my advice and let runaway estrogen steal your manhood... pile on pounds of belly fat... and even make you grow “man boobs.”

You can let dropping dopamine levels destroy your ability to get a harder, stronger erection—and settle for weak, limp, half-hard penis that can’t give a woman the deeper pleasure she desires.

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