Is This Indian Herb The Secret to a “Young-Again Brain?”

By Dr. Arlan Cage
Pioneer in Natural Medicine

Dear Friend,

Without a doubt, the #1 fear my patients hoped to sidestep during my decades of practice: age-related lapses in memory.

It happens to the best of us, and we often write it off as “just coming with the territory.”

But the fear is there — in the back of your mind — for a whole lot of people.

A recent survey of 3,000 Americans 60 and older found that they worry about memory loss… over anything else…

Even more than poor health, loss of independence or ending up in a nursing home. (Gow, 2017.)

My name is Dr. Arlan Cage, and as a holistic and Naturopathic Doctor, I’ve dedicated myself to researching and uncovering new discoveries that can keep you feeling healthier, especially when it comes to brain health.

And new research has uncovered something that’s truly extraordinary for your brain… Bacopa monnieri, also known as Indian pennywort.

This medicinal herb is traditionally used in Ayurveda, and is well known throughout India.

As Americans wake up to the power of Bacopa, one stands apart from them all... BacoMind®.

This patented form of Bacopa is enriched and standardized to 9 key compounds, and what sets it apart from the pretenders are its impressive results in scientific studies.

You see, BacoMind is the only form of Bacopa monnieri shown to help support your memory by as much as 78%.

BacoMind shined in what’s called the “Delayed Recall Test,” a clinical test that’s 96% accurate at predicting how strong your memory will be in 10 years.

It’s like a crystal ball, showing you a powerful glimpse of your aging future.

In this test, you hear a list of words. Then after 30 minutes you are asked to remember them.

In a study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology, elderly volunteers who took BacoMind saw their Delayed Recall memory scores improve by a whopping 78% over a six-month period.

Nothing I’ve seen in my research has worked better on Delayed Word Recall.


Four Powerful Ways BacoMind Supercharges Your Mind and Memory

If BacoMind only helped bolster your brain in tests like Delayed Recall, it would be well worth recommending.

But BacoMind can do more. A lot more. In fact, this “super-nutrient”…

  1. Restores Brain-Critical BDNF Protein. BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) is a critical brain protein that prevents the death of your existing brain cells. Even more remarkable, BDNF creates new brain cells (called neuro-genesis). Research shows that people with higher levels of BDNF often have a slower rate of cognitive decline than those with lower levels. (Hazrat, 2017)
  2. Floods Your Brain with Primary Antioxidants. Your brain is particularly sensitive to free radicals and therefore highly vulnerable to them. Taking BacoMind daily has been shown to increase levels of the 3 of the primary antioxidants (SOD, catalase, glutathione) in the brain after 14 days. (Shinomol, 2011)
  3. Regulates Inflammation in the Brain. Inflammation is one of the contributing factors for cognitive issues. BacoMind helps reduce inflammation triggers TNF-a, COS, and ROS to help your brain stay sharp. (Simpson, 2015)
  4. Boosts Acetylcholine. The most important brain neurotransmitter is acetylcholine. Low levels of acetylcholine results in cognitive difficulties like poor concentration, focus, and recall. Research shows that supplementing with Bacopa monnieri daily for 12 weeks can boost acetylcholine by 30%, for clearer thinking and communication between your brain cells. (Peth-Nui, human 2012)

With BacoMind, A “Young Again” Brain Is Possible

What could a “young-again” mind and memory be like for you? How about…

  • Accurately remembering names and faces of old friends and acquaintances
  • Holding your own at work or play with younger co-workers or family members
  • Keeping yourself 100% independent by handling your personal financial and business matters
  • Easily recalling cherished memories of the best days of your life
  • Keeping a sharp mind potentially for years, even decades, to come

The New Genesis Nutrients

BacoMind is the first in a class of what I call “Genesis Nutrients” that help renew and restore your cells and tissues.

As you know, genesis stands for “the beginning”… and these nutrients offer you a welcome new beginning for more youthful health and vitality.

As you’ll see, this not only means the creation of new power generators in your cells, but support for your body’s creation of new brain cells… new “youth genes”… and new “Prime Antioxidants” to help fend off aging.

Better yet, BacoMind is now available direct to you in a new age-defying formula called Patriot Renewal.

Besides this potent herb which can supercharge your brain and keep your memory sharp, Patriot Renewal also includes another Genesis Nutrient…

Deep Ocean Water Minerals That Can Increase Your “Youth-Span”

Most everything is known about minerals found on land. But very little is known about the rich trove of healing, youth-enhancing minerals found 2,000 feet under the sea… until now.

Scientists have recently discovered a wealth of healing, rejuvenating minerals called Deep Ocean Water Minerals… and nothing on land has been proven to be better at skyrocketing your energy and helping you feel decades, younger and healthier.

Deep Ocean Water Minerals have been shown in human, animal and lab studies to deliver health and age-fighting benefits for you that are superior to surface sea water and land minerals

Deep Ocean Water Minerals are 70 rare, ancient, ionic, absorbable minerals and trace elements that originated in Greenland glaciers.

A thousand years ago, Greenland glaciers released ice-cold water laden with these minerals into the sea. This pure, mineral-rich water originated before pollution, plastics, pesticides and filth contaminated our oceans.

This water sank deep into the ocean due to its coldness and heavy mineral content. And began an extensive journey into the Atlantic, around Africa and through the Indian Ocean… to settle in four specific regions in Asia and the Pacific.

More important, Deep Ocean Water Minerals have been shown in human, animal and lab studies to deliver health and age-fighting benefits for you, that are superior to surface sea water minerals or any minerals you’ll find on land.

For example, compared to surface seawater minerals, Deep Ocean Water Minerals deliver 26 times more potassium for a healthier heart and blood pressure…

74 times more magnesium for better blood sugar and bones… 71 times more boron to support your hormones, joints and brain… and 198 times more copper to boost your heart, immunity and artery health.

Not only that, Deep Ocean Water Minerals contain rare clay minerals used for centuries for healing and detoxification and the rare mineral rubidium, vital to helping your body fight off stress… to producing the major antioxidant SOD… and to keeping your brain and cognitive functions healthy.

Deep Ocean Water Minerals are also more easily absorbed by your body than minerals found on land. This is because they are Ionic Minerals, with a powerful electronic charge that drives them to bond to water and thus be better absorbed. Unless a mineral bonds to water, it’s almost impossible for your body to absorb it.

Why are these minerals so uniquely rich and beneficial to you? Deep below the ocean’s surface, the intense pressure and frigid temperatures keep these minerals densely packed and perfectly preserved to deliver their multitude of health benefits.

As you’ll see in a moment, Deep Ocean Water Minerals can do wonders for you, delivering youthful energy and improved cholesterol, blood pressure, immunity, arteries, weight, digestion and vision.

But first, let me tell about the scientific findings that really blew me away.

Deep Ocean Water Minerals Multiply The Number Of New “Power Generators” In Your Cells By Up To 900%… Flooding Your Body With Youthful Energy

Deep Ocean Water Minerals activate bio-genesis in your cells. This is the creation of new “power generators” (your cells’ mitochondria) that can make you feel like you’ve had a 20-year rollback in energy and vitality.

One of Hawaii’s fastest growing exports is Deep Ocean Water. It exports more of this special mineral-rich water than Hawaiian chocolate, coffee, pineapples, macadamia nuts, papayas or sugar cane. Its Deep Ocean Water is mainly sold in Japan.

Think what you could do with energy like that! Grow a bountiful garden. Remodel your house. Take a dream vacation hiking, biking or golfing. Learn a new sport, a new dance or a new hobby. Work or play all day, then still go out and enjoy yourself every night. Stay self-reliant… and independent. And truly enjoy your “golden years.”

Growing new mitochondria in your cells is a key step to help slow down aging, and the experts agree.

  • The Salk Institute for Biological Studies reports “mitochondria are the cornerstone of aging research.”
  • Experimental Gerontology adds growing new mitochondria is “critical for maintenance of energy and healthy aging.”
  • Colorado State University anti-aging researchers report “mitochondrial biogenesis slow the aging process and extends health span.”

Even better, an in vivo study published in the Public Library of Science’s journal, PLOS One reports that Deep Ocean Water Minerals multiplies the creation of new mitochondria by a whopping 900%—far more than from any other mitochondria booster.

For example, Deep Ocean Water Minerals are 6 times more powerful than Indian Gooseberry… 6.5 times more powerful than Alpha Lipoic Acid… and 45 times more powerful than PQQ at creating new mitochondria in your cells.

We haven’t found anything more powerful—on land or sea—than Deep Ocean Water Minerals at creating new mitochondria in your cells for youthful energy.

No Wonder Deep Ocean Water Minerals Are Clinically Shown To Supercharge Your Energy

The medical research documenting the potential energizing power of Deep Ocean Water Minerals is amazing. For example…

  • In one study, healthy male volunteers exercised to exhaustion levels, then experienced complete recovery of aerobic power in just four hours after getting Deep Ocean Water Minerals
  • In another study, volunteers were exposed to an exercise-dehydration protocol on stationary bikes under warm conditions. They rehydrated twice as fast with Deep Ocean Mineral Water compared to a carb-rich sports drink or mountain spring water
  • Yet in another study, animals given Deep Ocean Water Minerals experienced increased energy, endurance and performance—improving athletic ability and alleviating physical fatigue

Just as exciting, Deep Ocean Water Minerals have been shown to give you…

“Young Again” Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Skin, Digestion, Vision And More

Just as impressive is a review of clinical studies that highlights the astounding potential health benefits of Deep Sea Water including…

  • Improved cholesterol
  • Support for healthy blood pressure
  • Support for maintain a healthy weight
  • Healthier blood sugar
  • Superior cardiovascular support
  • Healthy arteries
  • Smoother skin
  • Strong vision
  • Healthy digestion

Resveratrol — The Red Wine Powerhouse That Helps Your Body Create New “Youth Genes”

Many people think that you’re born with certain genes, and you’re destined to live with those genes for life. NOT TRUE!

I believe you can activate your body to create new, healthy, youthful genes… a process I call genomic-genesis.

This is now possible with the third key ingredient found in the exclusive Patriot Renewal formula, the red wine powerhouse resveratrol.

You’ve likely read or heard about resveratrol. After all…

  • CBS News calls it a “life-extending red wine ingredient”… and
  • The Independent hails it as a “miracle ingredient that helps us stay young.”

But you may have wondered how does resveratrol keep you young? We now know the answers.

One reason is resveratrol has been shown to activate your body’s anti-aging gene, SIRT1, which controls age-robbing inflammation and oxidation in your body.

The result? Resveratrol helps keep your arteries, heart, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar young and in good shape.

It also keeps your blood flowing smoothly by improving the health of your arteries by 50%.

What’s more, when SIRT1 is activated, you reduce the risk of the five most common signs of aging.

In an aging study of people over age 65, higher levels of resveratrol were associated with a lower risk of exhaustion… body shrinking… being sedentary… slowness… and weakness.

So it’s no surprise SIRT1 has been called the “gene that controls the aging process” by Harvard researchers.

But that’s not all…

The New Way Of Aging Is No Joke — And The Experts Agree!

For decades, most doctors believed in the “old way” of aging: Wait until the body breaks down and then try to fix it.

But a 2017 U.S. Government Report now finds there are astonishing advances in the “new way” of aging. Consider…

  • Want longevity and better health? “There’s mounting evidence to support the idea that aging can be delayed such that we are not just extending lifespan, but also a healthier health span.”— Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Genetic secret for de-aging! “Resveratrol turns on our body’s genetic defenses against diseases and aging itself.”— David Sinclair, PhD., Harvard
  • Delay aging? Yes! “Recent discoveries in Geroscience… have provided potential interventions to delay aging and promote healthy longevity.”— University of Washington
  • The anti-aging mission: “Mission—Live to 100 in Good Health.” — Stanford Center on Longevity
  • 20 more years of great living: “This paradigm-shifting approach, to focus on slowing the aging process and extending health span, could immediately add another decade or two of healthy, productive lives for most people.” — Healthy Aging and Longevity Research Center
  • Aging can be reversed: “Scientists have reached one radical consensus: You can do something about it. Aging can be slowed (maybe even stopped or reversed).”— Science News

Scripps Study Shows Resveratrol Triggers A Tiny Molecule That Slows Aging

Another reason resveratrol keeps you young is that, according to Scripps Institute scientists, it switches “on” an ancient cellular mechanism that slows aging in times of stress and sickness.

Scientists discovered that resveratrol triggers TyrRS, a powerful molecule that activates a protective shield around your cells that offers steel-trap protection against age-stealing stressors like inflammation and oxidation.

Even better, resveratrol has been shown to…

  • Activate this protection for your cells, promoting youthfulness and longevity.
  • Work effectively at low dosages. Shockingly, you can now get great youth-enhancing benefits with small dosages of resveratrol… as much as 1,000 times less than thought in earlier studies to “turn on” this protective shield.
  • Deliver many other health-boosting benefits such as reducing LDL cholesterol oxidation…improving insulin sensitivity…and boosting your cardiovascular health.

But there’s even more. The new Patriot Renewal also includes a fourth Genesis Nutrient…

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, The Discovery Hailed As The “Immortality Herb” By Fox News

I’m also excited to tell you that Patriot Renewal triggers antioxidant-genesis—the creation of new “Prime Antioxidants” to help increase your youth-span.

This is possible because this new formula includes a little-known herb called Gynostemma pentaphyllum, which has been shown to boost your body’s “de-aging” arsenal by 282%.

Its name, “Jiaogulan,” comes from the longevity of people living in the mountainous Guizhou providence in Southwest China.

The Chinese Government noticed an unusually large number of people over 100 living in this region who had low incidences of high blood pressure, high blood sugar and memory failure.

Over 10 years of study, scientists found one common thread: Long-lived people from this region regularly consume tea made of steeped Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaves.

Now, modern science has shown the age-fighting power of Gynostemma pentaphyllum.

In a landmark study, Gynostemma pentaphyllum has been shown to skyrocket levels of the Prime Antioxidant SOD… even in 90-year-olds.

In this study, 610 healthy subjects ages 50-90 were given the active ingredient in Gynostemma pentaphyllum every day for one month.

Those in the 70-90 age bracket saw an average decrease in harmful oxidants by 21%. More important, they had an average increase of SOD by 282%.

SOD (which stands for Superoxide dismutase) is a “Prime Antioxidant” because it helps ward off the assaults of aging, especially oxidation.

When your body is exposed to oxidation, it’s like a cut apple that turns brown and eventually spoils. Oxidation can damage your cells’ membranes and DNA, which can cause premature aging.

But SOD has been shown to protect your DNA from oxidative damage. In one study, the control group’s delicate strands of DNA broke. But for those taking SOD, cellular membranes remained virtually intact, with no breakage of DNA.

Defuse One Of The Most Dangerous Age Robbers

Even more important, SOD helps defuse one of the most dangerous types of free radicals called “superoxide” free radicals.

Left unchecked, superoxide free radicals could burn holes in your cells’ membranes… wreak havoc on your DNA… destroy enzymes… alter the way your cells code genetic material… and cause age-robbing inflammatory reactions.

No wonder Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy warns that “superoxide radicals have been implicated in many disease states.”

What’s more, important aging studies show animals with the highest levels of SOD have the longest lifespans… some living TWICE as long as non-fed SOD animals, based on Harvard research.

Now you see why SOD is in a class by itself—now considered by some a “first line” of antioxidant defense… 3,500 times more powerful than vitamin C.

Yet there are even more benefits from Gynostemma pentaphyllum than boosting SOD. It also…

Helps Make The Cells In Your Body Resistant To Aging

Gynostemma pentaphyllum has also been shown to…

  • Raise levels of two other Prime Antioxidants, glutathione and catalase. High levels of these two antioxidants mean greater resistance to aging
  • Help support healthy blood sugar and insulin response
  • Help improve physical fatigue and tiredness
  • Activates NRF2, the “master controller of aging” which unleashes Prime Antioxidants

Best of all, now for the first time…

All Four Of These Remarkable “Genesis” Ingredients Are Yours In One Formula, Patriot Renewal, To Help Restore Your Youth

In Patriot Renewal, you get the newest, most powerful age-defying nutrients and minerals in one pill.

No other natural formula gives you…

Genesis Nutrient #1: Deep Ocean Water Minerals… which triggers bio-genesis to create up to 900% more power generators in your cells, flooding your body with youthful energy.

Genesis Nutrient #2: BacoMind… which activates neuro-genesis to create new brain cells and is clinically proven to boost your memory by as much as 78%.

Genesis Nutrient #3: Resveratrol… which stimulates genomic-genesis to create new youth genes in your body.

Genesis Nutrient #4: Gynostemma pentaphyllum… which activates antioxidant-genesis to create new Prime Antioxidants which help every cell in your body better resist aging.

No other formula I’ve ever seen gives you the age-defying power of these four unique Genesis Nutrients like Patriot Renewal.

Even better, you can now try out the new Patriot Renewal with absolutely ZERO risk thanks to…

An Unbelievable DOUBLE YOUR MONEY Back Guarantee

The new Patriot Renewal can help you feel years, even decades, younger and healthier, or you’ll get DOUBLE your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

More on this amazing DOUBLE YOUR MONEY Back Guarantee in a minute, but first…

…since you’ve read this far, I know how serious you are about learning how to increase your “youth-span” and enjoying decades of feeling younger, stronger and healthier.

That’s why I want you to be among the first to get your hands on this remarkable new formula under the terms of this special offer…

You can purchase a 1-month, 3-month or 5-month supply of Patriot Renewal today, all with no risk and DOUBLE your money back.

Even better, you’ll receive FREE Gifts with your 3 or 5-bottle offer.

For example, your “Best Deal” 5-bottle offer includes…

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FREE Gift #2: A FREE 7-Day Supply Of Patriot Power Greens ($12.95 value)

This remarkable “green drink,” once reserved for military elite, helps restore vitality, energy and stamina… and supports healthy joints and muscle, too.

In each delicious drink, Patriot Power Greens gives you all the health boosting power of 40 organic fruits and vegetables… 10 probiotic “good” bacteria strains… and 6 digestive enzymes.

Just mix with water or juice… drink… and your body will be flooded with powerful nutrients, phytochemicals, probiotics and enzymes that help neutralize a major cause of aging: excess inflammation.

How good is Patriot Power Greens? Here are just a few success stories, out of thousands who love it:

  • An Air Force vet can’t believe his muscle pain has been cut in HALF!
  • A grandmother got relief from heartburn and her husband is breathing better!
  • One woman is sleeping better with less aches and pains!
  • And one man has fast relief for his bad knees!

And now, Patriot Power Greens is yours FREE!

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In this exclusive FREE Special Report, you’ll discover ocean “treasures” that can help boost your health, youthfulness and longevity.

This printed report includes the full story of Deep Ocean Water Minerals to help supercharge your energy and health… the shocking truth about fish oil (and why it’s not your best source of Omega-3s)… the best Omega-3s for healthy cholesterol and blood pressure… unique sea vegetables which help you stay slim, burn fat and curb appetite… the jewel of the sea for strong, youthful-like bones… and much, much more—all yours FREE!

Free Gift #4: FREE Shipping and Handling ($8.95 Value)

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In all, you’ll get FREE Gifts valued at $141.79 with your “Best Deal” order of 5 bottles of Patriot Renewal.

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Your Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

Your order is protected by not one but two money-back guarantees…

Guarantee #1:
200% Money Back!

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Simply check with your doctor and make sure they “okay” you taking Patriot Renewal.

Then, after taking Patriot Renewal for 30 days, if you don’t notice a dramatic difference in feeling younger and healthier, just return any unused bottles with a simple 1-page note giving us your honest feedback.

You will then receive 200% of your money back.

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Jeff Reagan,
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Guarantee #2:
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This is a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.

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Jeff Reagan,
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So you have nothing to lose, but you can gain years of stronger, healthier, younger living by trying the new Patriot Renewal today.

Will You Age Or “De-Age?” It’s Up To You!

When it comes to aging, you have two choices.

You can hope that aging and the decline of your physical and mental abilities is a slow process. But for some, that’s wishful thinking.

Or you can take action, right now—and harness the power of nature’s newest and most potent age-defying breakthroughs. Shown to multiply your cells’ power generators by up to 900% for youthful energy… supercharge your memory by as much as 78%… activate your body’s “youth gene”… and increase your body’s age-fighting arsenal by up to 282%!

Forget about the old rules of aging.

Take the new Patriot Renewal and let the four unique “genesis nutrients” found in it unleash their de-aging power—and see for yourself what it can do for your body and mind.

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Once you click the “Start My Order” button, you may order 1, 3 or 5 bottles of Patriot Renewal. Your choice.

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Order today—and start feeling “young again”.

Yours for great health the natural way,

Dr. Arlan Cage

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Frequently Asked Questions About Patriot Renewal

Q: What are the ingredients in Patriot Renewal?


When you’re ready to start your order, simply click through to our secure order form located right here.

Q: How does Patriot Renewal benefit me?

A: Patriot Renewal is designed with cutting edge ingredients to help support healthy aging, from your head to your toes.

Its exclusive formulation includes nutrients you won’t find in this combination anywhere else, including targeted support for the energy “factories” within each cell, brain and heart support, and comprehensive antioxidant protection against the normal rigors of aging.

When you’re ready to start your order, simply click through to our secure order form located right here.

Q: How soon will I see benefits from Patriot Renewal?

A: Every person is different, and everyone’s body responds uniquely to the powerful ingredients that Patriot Renewal provides. So, give Patriot Renewal a chance to start working for you.

Patriot Renewal is designed to be used daily, for aging support and protection against what most people believe are the inevitable declines with each passing year.

Give it a full 30-days to start working for you, as you’ve never had the comprehensive support of Deep Ocean Minerals before – very few people have!

Of course, your benefits will build the longer you use it. So with each bottle, the more benefits you’ll start to see.

Remember, you are completely protected with our 100% and 200% money back guarantees. Even if you send us back empty bottles, we’ll gladly refund your purchase price, with our thanks for giving Patriot Renewal a fair try.

When you’re ready to start your order, simply click through to our secure order form located right here.

Q: What if Patriot Renewal doesn't work for me?

A: You’re backed by BOTH of our 100% and 200% money back guarantees. Both of these guarantees are lifetime guarantees, so feel free to take as much time as you need to try Patriot Renewal.

If you don’t feel like it’s working, or you don’t like it for ANY reason, simply send the bottles back to us, and we’ll refund you at least 100% of your money back.

We want you to experience the cutting-edge nutrition that Patriot Renewal provides. But if you feel it isn’t working for you, we’ll make it right or refund you in full. You have our word on that.

When you’re ready to start your order, simply click through to our secure order form located right here.

Q: Can I take Patriot Renewal with Patriot Power Greens?

A: Yes! There are many theories about why and how our bodies age. But the three leading ones that we can impact with nutrition are the decline in mitochondria, the decline in antioxidants, and the increase in inflammation throughout the body. Renewal targets the first two in ways we haven't seen before, and also impacts the third. But one of the primary benefits of PGR is to affect the third way. Together, you're getting sweeping benefits to beat back the rigors of aging and change the way you age.

When you’re ready to start your order, simply click through to our secure order form located right here.

Q: Can I take Patriot Renewal with medications?

A: There are no known contraindications or interactions with the ingredients in Patriot Renewal. As with any supplement, it is advised that you consult your physician with specific questions about any medications you may be taking.

It is not advised to take more than the recommended dosage of Patriot Renewal.

When you’re ready to start your order, simply click through to our secure order form located right here.

Q: When will my order arrive?

A: As of 06/20/2019, inventory is available and when you order now, you will instantly receive an order confirmation email. Rest assured, we are working hard to get your order out the door to you as quickly as possible!

We will ship your order directly to your home or office using a premium carrier such as FedEx and you will have it within 7 to 14 business days of placing your order. Products are shipped from Utah, USA and we will send you a shipment notification email with tracking number as soon as your order ships so that you can track it right to your door.

When you’re ready to start your order, simply click through to our secure order form located right here.

Q: Which countries do you ship to?

A: We are currently only shipping to locations in the United States and Canada. No other locations at this time.

When you’re ready to start your order, simply click through to our secure order form located right here.

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