Urgent tap water warning:

U.S. Drinking Water At Risk — Breakthrough NEW Device Makes Your Water Safe Again

Dear friend,

Some people want us to believe that when we turn on the faucet… “fresh, safe, pure drinking water” comes out.

But in many cases, that’s far from the truth.

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is only one example of how quickly our water supply can go downhill. Fact is, there are thousands of “Flints” just waiting to happen.

And we’re just starting to discover how everyday tap water — ripe with contaminants — impacts the health of millions and millions of Americans.

Folks just like you and I… honest, hardworking people who would like to think their water is safe!

And believe it or not…

1 Of The Most Toxic Chemicals Is Put In Our Drinking Water… On Purpose!

That’s right.

It’s fluoride.

How bad is it? Well next time you’re in the bathroom to brush your teeth, go ahead and take a look at the instructions on your favorite brand of toothpaste.

Somewhere buried in the fine print on most of them is this dire warning: “Seek immediate medical help or contact a Poison Control Center if you swallow more than you use for brushing.”

What the???

THAT’S what they’re adding to our drinking water??

Well, no. The fluoride in your toothpaste — toxic though it may be — is NOT the same kind of fluoride added to our water supply.

The nasty stuff they put in our water “for our safety” is much, much worse.

It all starts in a phosphate mine in China. (Worried yet?)

The end result is a byproduct of phosphate refinement. A chemical slurry of two different gases. And even the EPA calls fluoride highly-toxic. It’s credited with side effects like:

  • Arthritis
  • Low testosterone
  • Weak bones
  • Thyroid problems
  • Early puberty
  • Fertility issues
  • Low IQ in children
  • And more!

And get this…

When it’s transported, it must be labeled as a “deadly poison” and handled with industrial protection equipment. That’s by EPA standards.

The kicker? China has banned this same substance from their OWN water supply.

But they’ll export it to us all day long.

And nobody cares a bit when they dump it in our drinking water!

Oh, one more thing…

Fluoride’s Not The ONLY Thing Lurking In Our Drinking Water

According to the Water Quality Association, here are just a few of the most common tap water toxins and contaminants: (key word here… COMMON!!)

  • Aluminum
  • Asbestos
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Nitrates and Nitrites
  • Mercury
  • Radium
  • Selenium
  • Uranium

And if you think you’re safe because you live in a nice neighborhood or have great-tasting water… think again!

A 2016 Harvard study found that drinking water supplied to more than 6 million Americans is unsafe. And that it contains dangerous levels of PFASs.

PFASs are industrial chemicals used to produce food wrappers, nonstick cookware and fire-fighting foam. They are odorless and colorless, so you don’t know they’re in your glass.

And they’re linked with an increased risk of kidney and testicular cancer, hormone disruption, high cholesterol, and obesity.

They get into our water supply from industrial parks. Military-bases. And especially from wastewater treatment plants.

Do you know where the water treatment facility is in your town?

I do. And there’s no amount of space between that facility and my family that would make me think it’s safe to drink its water!

But what’s really got me worried is…

You Wouldn’t Swim In Nuclear Waste — So Why Drink It?

You may know about the dangers of lead, mercury and cadmium. Well-known “heavy metals” proven to cause a host of different health issues.

But you may not have heard about uranium and other radiological contaminants in your water!

And you should definitely pay attention to it… because the effects are serious:

Increased chances of certain cancers. Developmental problems. Genetic defects. Even death!

And radiological contaminants in our drinking water are more common than we have thought.

Major U.S. cities are “turning up positive” for radiation in drinking water. According to the EPA, it’s from radiation in Japan… carried by wind, dust and rain. And it’s as far east as Vermont!

But amazingly — even with these results — the EPA hasn’t added a single item to its list of “banned” water contaminants in over 25 years.

Let that sink in… over the course of the past 2 ½ decades, nobody’s bothered to update or add new chemicals to the “restricted” list.

When I found this out I was completely blown away.

I realized that I had to find a “clean water” solution immediately before my kids and grandkids took another sip from the “poisoned well” that was our town’s tap water. We live in a great town and I love my neighbors. But let’s face it… without extensive and frequent testing… there’s no telling what’s in there.

And I’m not about to take my chances when it comes to my family’s health and well-being.

But little did I know just how hard it would be to find something that actually protects them!

I’ll warn you…

Don’t Try This At Home!

Once I started doing my research on how to provide safe, clean, HEALTHY drinking water for my family I realized I had opened Pandora’s box!

There are so many different (often ridiculous) “solutions” out there. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Whole-house filters: “Easy to install”
…as long as you’ve got an engineering degree.

And many of them don’t even make a dent in the truly harmful stuff that you’d never want to drink.

Like “whole house” reverse-osmosis water filters that cost more than a new car. Not to mention… if your family is anything like mine, we use the majority of our water to clean dishes, do laundry and water the lawn. I don't need pristine pure water for that.

Or ugly faucet-mounted devices that work “sometimes” and are a pain to change.

Or cheap water pitchers that are more “pretty” than “practical.” Most of them just keep your water cold and help the taste a little! They can’t hold a candle to REAL filtration. Much less protect from deadly heavy metals, brain-numbing fluoride and radiological contaminants.

A friend of mine suggested I get a BRITA® water pitcher. So I did some research.

When it comes to hidden dangers — invisible stuff you can’t see, smell or taste, but that wreak havoc on your body — a BRITA® simply doesn’t cut the mustard. Most models don’t even touch fluoride, much less arsenic or lead.

Fact is, most pitchers don’t.

Now, some people think they’ll avoid drinking poisoned water by drinking bottled water. Bottled water might seem like a great idea on the surface. But MANY brands of bottled water are simply tap water in the first place. The industry is barely regulated.

And the cost is quickly overwhelming. It’s tough to keep enough on hand for daily use. Not to mention carrying in all those bottles.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your drinking water – and I hope you are – there are a wide variety of so-called “options.”

But truth be told they’re flawed in one way or another.

What I really wanted was a dependable and easy-to-use method for filtering the “pills, poisons, pesticides and plutonium” out of my drinking water.

Doesn’t need to be a big production. It just has to work.

So What’s The Answer?

Right about now, you’re probably wondering… how do you make sure the water you drink is safe and healthy?

Well, I’m about to reveal to you how a breakthrough new device can clean up the most polluted tap water — even water filled with dangerous chemicals — and give you safe, clean, delicious drinking water.

So I’m incredibly excited to announce to you our next best-selling product…

The Patriot Pure Water Pitcher

This is what I’ve been going on about!

It’s easy to fill… easy to chill… and easy to swill!

Imagine finally being 100% confident that your water is far cleaner, safer and yes… tastes better – than it ever did before.

The kind of confidence that lets you plunk it down on the dinner table without a care in the world… knowing your family is getting safe, delicious drinking water.

And once you start using your Patriot Pure Water Pitcher on a daily basis, you may very well experience some other added benefits.

Pure, refreshing, nourishing water can make all the difference when it comes to upping your water intake. And everyone knows that drinking more healthy pure water is good for you!

More energy. A healthy weight. Smoother skin. Stronger immunity and fewer toxins. Even better digestion, fewer aches and pains, and better circulation too.

Water is our lifeblood. And it needs to be clean.

So what makes the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher so incredible? Let’s take a look!

We’re talking about a water pitcher that fits easily in your fridge. And even though it’s compact and lightweight, it can filter out truly scary stuff that other pitcher brands fall short on removing:

  • 87.5% of Chlorine – Your risk of cancer jumps up 93% if you have chlorine in your water! Patriot Pure filters out almost ALL of the chlorine in your drinking water!
  • 90% of Fluoride – Yeah, remember up at the top? This is a big difference between Patriot Pure and other water pitchers. Other pitchers simply ignore fluoride. (Because, you know, we PUT IT THERE DELIBERATELY.) But the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher gets it out in record numbers!
  • 97.5% of Lead – Lead is nothing to mess around with. And a regular ole BRITA® doesn’t even try. The #1 contaminant in Flint Michigan’s water crisis was lead – and it doesn’t take much for lead to rear it’s head in other towns.

But the Patriot Pure Pitcher doesn’t stop there. It filters out up to 99.9% of ALL these other potentially deadly toxins, just take a look:

  • 99.3% of Chromium 6
  • 99.9% of Heptachlor
  • 98% of Mercury
  • 99.8% of Trihalomethanes
  • 99% of Arsenic
  • 98.7% of Benzene
  • 99.5% of Thallium
  • 95% of Nitrites
  • 99.6% of Chloroform

And that’s not even a complete list! – the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher does this and a whole lot more!

“Very Happy With My Pitcher”

“The Patriot Pure water pitcher has proven to be highly convenient in many ways. First, it is compact and portable. It is light weight, and perfect for some of the weekend seminars I teach. I’m often at hotels or resorts for a weekend, staying in a cabin or room with a kitchenette, and I’m uncertain of the water quality. The Patriot Pure pitcher is easy to take along.

It also fits in the refrigerator easily so we use it to keep a supply of chilled water quickly available. For portability and convenience, I’m very happy with my Patriot Pure pitcher.”

– Dr. Arlan Cage, Naturopathic Doctor

It Really Is A “Miracle Of Modern Science”

Oh, and one more thing… the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher actually does something that NO other filter pitcher on the market does… it filters out radiological contaminants.

This is where the Patriot Pure really shines in my opinion.

Sure, a lot of companies are waking up to our dangerous water situation.

But even the “fanciest” pitchers can’t touch radioactive contaminants.

The Patriot Pure Water Pitcher is far ahead of the rest of the pack when it comes to these current and future threats!

Here are some other things that make the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher far and away the best pitcher for you and your family:

  • GENEROUS CAPACITY: Your Patriot Pure pitcher has a 1-gallon reservoir capacity, so you’ll always have clean, crisp and safe water ready to go. And the filter holds another ½ gallon… so you get another 50% more storage space.
  • CERTIFIED RESULTS: The filter inside your Patriot Pure pitcher has been third-party verified to exceed National Sanitation Foundation Standards 42 and 53. I had to look this up, but it’s an incredibly impressive feat. One that many other so-called “filters” can’t hold a candle to.
  • BPA-FREE STORAGE: The reservoir is BPA-Free, so you never have to worry about how you store the water you filter. And the filter itself is made from 100% FDA-approved food grade material and is 100% recyclable. So when it’s time to insert a new filter, just toss the used one in your recycle bin.
  • AFFORDABLE, LONG-LASTING FILTERS: Your Patriot Pure Water Pitcher filters an incredible 150 gallons of water! That’s going to keep you and your family going for months and save almost 1,200 empty water bottles from the landfill. Most families use their filters for about six months before replacing them.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The Patriot Pure fits in any fridge. Just fill, chill and serve. You’ll love using this pitcher every day.

You'll get as much pure, clean, healthy water as you can possibly want, right in the comfort of your own home. It's the perfect alternative to expensive “big box” filtration solutions.

And when you add more than one Patriot Pure Pitcher to your home, you get even more pure-water power. 

Like Linda, who is drinking more water than ever before. And who has a couple of these pitchers on hand, just in case…

Linda Adams
September 5 at 4:47pm ·

This pitcher is the best. It is sturdy and easy to fill and it removes so many things the other pitchers can't even compete. This is essential in a disaster situation, especially if radiation is present. I have three and am now drinking more water.

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Just imagine having a second Patriot Pure Pitcher…

  • In your second fridge… so you never have to worry about running out of healthy water
  • At your bedside… so you can enjoy filtered, delicious water day or night without making a trip to the kitchen
  • Stashed away for safekeeping… in case something really bad happens to our water supply
  • At your kids’ or grandkids’ houses… so that you can rest easy knowing that they’re protected even when you’re not with them

Barbara loves living healthier and drinking more clean water…

Barbara Manson
September 9 at 7:12pm ·

The water is delicious! I find myself drinking more water that is actually healthy for me which was the purpose of buying a new pitcher. I had been using a Brita, but it hardly filtered anything out. This does the job of filtering all sorts of toxins. I love it!

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Can’t you see how valuable this kind of PURE hydration could be for you and your family?

Well, of course you do.

Which is why I feel strongly that…

Safe Water Shouldn’t Only Be
For Well-Off Americans

The last thing I want to happen is for someone to pass up their chance to claim pure drinking water because they couldn't afford it. Access to safe water should not be only for wealthy Americans.

And I know most people can’t afford to spend $2,500, $1,000, or $500 on water purification – no matter how bad our water supply gets.

That’s why when I set off to solve this problem for my own family… I fought for the best solution AND the best price.

Thanks to buying in bulk (and a little persistence!), I worked out a deal on a supply of these Patriot Pure Water Pitchers. My goal was to secure enough protection for friends, family and likeminded people, who want clean drinking water for themselves and their families.

Fact is, these pitchers normally sell for $119.00. But since I was able to get a bulk discount – and since I really believe that what we’re doing here is important – you won’t pay near that.

Right now when you purchase one or more Patriot Pure Water Pitchers today, you can get them for a special introductory price of just $69.95 each! That’s $49 OFF the regular price… over a 40% discount!

With an offer this good, I urge you to please get two and make sure your loved ones have a fresh pure source of water too!

Now, I should really skip offering a discount on a brand-new, breakthrough product. It really “sells itself” if you know what I mean. And my inventory is going like hot cakes.

But listen… I have to get the word out about how to make our water safer. And the best way to do it is by word of mouth. Rave reviews from real-life customers who experience the healthful benefits for themselves.

And who know just how life changing pure water can be.

Click The "Start My Order" Button Below To Get The Patriot Pure Water Pitcher At This Introductory Price

Go ahead and click the “Start My Order” button above to take advantage of this limited time discounted offer NOW!

I’m Going To Add A Little Something 
To Sweeten The Pot

Just to make this a real “no brainer” for you, when you place your order today I’m going to throw in some incredible bonuses.

And if you buy 2 or more — which most customers do — I’m going to upgrade your FREE bonus package to something really amazing!

First, you’ll get…

FREE BONUS #1: “What's In Your Tap Water?”

When I started to realize the scope of the problem in our taps and the complete LACK of motivation to really do anything about it, I was shocked and a little disturbed.

So I put together one fantastic “must read” report for you.

In this shocking report, you’ll get “insider info” on how we got into this mess. Including detailed info on the impact of specific contaminants. Guidance for how much water you need to drink to stay healthy. And DIY solutions on how to AVOID ingesting contaminated water, starting immediately!

And if you take advantage of the opportunity to claim 2 or more Patriot Pure Pitchers today, you’ll also get…

FREE BONUS #2: FREE Shipping

To thank you for your purchase of 2 or more Patriot Pure Pitchers, I’ll give you FREE Shipping anywhere in the USA or Canada!

And since we’re always looking out for you and the quality of your product, we’ll include shipment insurance, too. That way if anything happens to your Patriot Pure Water Pitchers while they’re on their way to your home, we’ll send out replacements right away and we’ll foot the bill.

And I’m going to throw in another bonus…

FREE BONUS #3: FREE Supply Of Our Most Popular Patriot Power Greens!

That’s right, when you place your order today for 2 or more Patriot Pure Pitchers, I’m going to give you a supply of our amazing Patriot Power Greens absolutely FREE.

Patriot Power Greens are our top-selling green superfoods drink. Packed with the healing power of over 40 fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotics and 6 digestive enzymes (all in a single delicious serving). They taste great and give you a boost of energy, too!

Just pour a couple ounces of your fresh PURE water… mix your greens… and enjoy!

But that’s not all you’ll get for buying 2 or more…

You’ll also get…

FREE BONUS #4: FREE 16 oz. Patriot Power Greens Shaker Bottle

This BPA-FREE 16-ounce shaker bottle is the perfect companion to your Patriot Pure Pitchers and your supply of Patriot Power Greens! The shaker bottle can be used to mix up your Patriot Power Greens with water, juice, or a smoothie. It comes with a detachable green lid and it can easily be washed in the dishwasher.

Listen, you need to jump on this opportunity… demand is going through the roof. The shocking facts about our water supply have been exposed and it’s got folks shook up from coast to coast.

And because of that, I’m struggling to keep these “miracle water purifiers” in stock, especially at this introductory price.

Remember, I have a limited supply of these pitchers. Today, there’s no limit on how many you can get at this introductory price. But I can’t guarantee availability beyond today. And there’s no guarantee that I’ll get more, if they sell out.

I know you’ll be 100% happy with your Patriot Pure Pitcher, just like Diane is.

Diane Black
September 11 at 8:42am ·

I love this water pitcher and filter. I have been drinking bottled water for years, worrying about the plastic contaminants that have seeped into the water. Since drinking this water, I noticed the water tastes better and I can rest confident that I am drinking the purest water available.

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Molly wishes that she claimed two Patriot Pure Pitchers when she had the chance…

Molly Lang
August 2 at 12:26pm ·

Nothing beats this water pitcher! It takes my nasty tap water and turns into the purest, cleanest tasting water! Takes a couple minutes to filter through but not bad. I LOVE it. Wish I had TWO.

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Click the "Start My Order" button below now, and I'll rush your Patriot Pure Water Pitcher to your front door right away!

And, of course, there’s no risk to you because…

You Are 100% Protected By My Outrageous 365-Day
Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s what that means:

100% Money-Back Guarantee

This is a 100% money-back guarantee. No hassles. No guff. If at any time in the next FULL YEAR the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher fails to live up to your expectations… simply send it back and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

That’s how confident I am the Patriot Pure will do everything that we say it will do. You’re going to love it.

This water-conscious customer checked to make sure that the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher works as advertised. It passed with flying colors!

Ishmael Edwards
August 31 at 6:34am ·

I got this, due to the Fukushima fallout. The water tested in Idaho is full of radioactivity, though the powers that be are keeping it quiet. If nothing else, I feel I've done "everything" I can for my 3-year-old and can feel a little peace about it. Had water tested from the tap and from the filter and the filter did in fact remove the harmful materials, including the cesium!! It's official, it works.

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The rave reviews just keep on coming and we love them!

And it’s not just our customers’ reviews that we’re proud of… We’re also proud to give back to our veterans…

When you place your order today we’ll donate a portion of those proceeds to our brave men and women who’ve given their time and dedication as members of the armed services. We actively support veterans and their families through amazing organizations like the Fisher House Foundation and more.

So you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting those who serve... while getting the peace of mind that comes from protecting those you love.

And speaking of feeling good…

Could A “Second Shot” At Your Very Best Health Be Waiting For You?

Now if you’re on the fence, I want you to picture something because it’s important…

Imagine that’s 8:09 a.m. on a hot summer morning. People are talking about record temps in your city. It’s all over the radio and TV.

But you’re not worried about the heat. You’re holding a tall, icy-cold glass of pure, refreshing water. And you’re ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

You raise the glass to your mouth and take a long, satisfying sip… confident that every last drop will “do your body good” from start to finish.

In fact, you’ve been doing that a lot lately. And it’s paying off.

Hydrated from the inside out, you feel full of energy and vigor. Your friends say that you look a little younger lately! Your pants even fit better. And your digestion is more regular than ever before.

Not only that… you can drink in peace. Knowing you’ve taken action make sure your family isn’t ingesting dangerous metals, toxins and radiological contaminants that could be in your tap water.

Imagine how good that clean, pure water will taste. Every sip just like God intended it to be – crisp, refreshing and invigorating.

Claim your Patriot Pure Pitcher today, and you won’t have to imagine this scenario. You’ll be living it. You’ll know firsthand what it’s like to “drink life in” like never before. You’ll have all the pure, delicious, safe water you want… within arm’s reach.

Remember your order is backed by our ironclad 100% money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Simply click the “Start My Order” button below and you’ll be taken to the product options page where you can order one or more pitchers.


Note: When you click the button above, you’ll be taken to an order form that looks like the one below.

Terry Adams
September 4 at 5:52pm ·

Great water filter. Well made. I used this as a substitute to dragging gallons of distilled water from the grocery store. It doesn't distill your water by any means, but it gets it clean enough that you can actually use tap water without fear.

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Lyn Richardson
August 5 at 3:36pm ·

I can't compare this to others… because I bought this based on the rave reviews from other customers. I haven't gotten my water tested yet… but at least I feel better now that I've done something to assist in clean drinking water for my home!

Like · Comment · Share
Laurie Henderson
August 2 at 10:04am ·

We live near a nuclear power plant and feel secure knowing we have a means to make our drinking water safe!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

This is a 100% money-back guarantee. No hassles. No guff. If at any time in the next FULL YEAR the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher fails to live up to your expectations… simply send it back and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

That’s how confident I am the Patriot Pure will do everything that we say it will do. You’re going to love it.

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