Tested and used by "old guys" in the U.S. Coast Guard

Secret “Green Drink” Once Reserved for Military Elite Restores Youthful Energy, Stamina & Pain-Free Movement

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Dear friend,

Imagine for a moment that you could wake up in the morning with the boundless energy that you had 30 years ago…

Imagine popping out of bed and realizing that your achy joints and muscle pain are a thing of the past…

Imagine having enough stamina to run laps around your grandkids…

Imagine getting back to the activities you love... such as golfing, gardening, traveling or even riding your bike around the neighborhood…

Believe it or not, this is all possible.

Thousands of seniors all across America are enjoying these benefits right now…

What do they know that you don’t?

They’ve discovered a secret “green drink”, used by older members of the U.S. Military, to help restore the youthful energy, unlimited stamina and pain-free life they remember from 30 years ago.

In just a minute, I’ll reveal how you can get your hands on 7 sample packs of this secret green drink for FREE...

But first...

I’m going to show you why you don’t have to be robbed of your youth like everyone else around you…

Texas Doctor Shuns The Medical Establishment
And Reveals The True Cause Of Aging

Dr. Lane Sebring M.D. is a licensed medical doctor in private practice in Wimberley, Texas. He specializes in using holistic anti-aging therapies and also serves as board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. His list of patients include world-leading doctors, tennis superstars, and even former governors. Dr. Sebring is also an Air Force Veteran, a life-long conservative, and a self described "gun nut."

If you’re over the age of 50, you’ve probably been told that certain health problems “are just part of the territory” that go along with aging…

And while most people tend to believe this, new research is causing leading doctors to change their opinion…

According to Dr. Lane Sebring M.D., a medical doctor and board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, health problems like joint pain, fatigue and age-related memory decline might seem like they’re wildly different conditions… but in reality they’re each triggered by the same thing...


You’re probably familiar with the role inflammation plays when it comes to nagging joint pain and an aching back…

… But new research is revealing that this same inflammation is affecting your body in ways you could never imagine.

Time Magazine Reveals How Inflammation Affects Your Health And Robs You Of Your Youth…

A recent 14 page feature in Time Magazine sent waves through the medical community when they revealed that inflammation is now the root cause of nearly every symptom of “old age” that can cause seniors to lose their independence…

For example…

The problems that come with aging, like achy joints, stiff muscles, fatigue or mental fog… seem unrelated. And we've been told lies about how you have to accept them.

Inflammation has been shown to affect the health of the heart and arteries, nerve cells, the brain, and may even affect cellular growth. “In other words, inflammation may be the engine that drives many of the most [common symptoms] of middle and old age”

Did you catch that?

The most common symptoms of aging that are sentencing seniors to a life of aches, pains and fatigue - are all caused by inflammation…

What The Medical Establishment Doesn’t Want You To Know About Aging

For years, the general consensus has been that there’s nothing you can do about the achy joints, fatigue and stiff muscles that go along with aging…

But what if that wasn’t true at all?

What if there was an easy and natural way to neutralize the inflammation and excess acid in your body?

Well there is.

According to Dr. Lane Sebring, a specific group of alkaline-rich fruits and vegetables can help neutralize the acid in your body and promote healthy inflammation levels…

Miracle Foods For Inflammation?

Fruits and veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and kale are all noted for being alkaline-rich foods that fight inflammation.

However, it’s not always easy to get your daily 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables in. Why? Well, for one it’s a lot of work.

First you have to go to the supermarket and buy the fruits and veggies. Then you have to wash them, chop them and prepare them. This turns into quite a hassle for someone that’s busy.

It’s no wonder most people don’t eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

But that’s where Patriot Power Greens comes in.

40 Fruits & Vegetables... In A Single Drink

What if I told you there was a way to get 40 different fruits and vegetables in a single drink?

And I’m not talking about V8 Juice - which has only 8 vegetables and contains more sodium than an order of McDonald’s french fries!

I’m talking about a new superfood drink called Patriot Power Greens.

How Can One Drink Be So Powerful?

The secret behind Patriot Power Greens is the health-boosting power of the 40 organic fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotic strains, and 6 digestive enzymes in each serving.

With each sip of Patriot Power Greens, your body is flooded with powerful nutrients, phytochemicals, probiotics and enzymes that help neutralize the excess acid and inflammation that’s taking over your body.

And since Patriot Power Greens is a ready-mixed drink, and not a capsule like most supplements, it’s more easily absorbed by your body.

In fact, Patriot Power Greens has been so effective that many soldiers in the U.S. military now swear by it…

How “Old Guys” In The MilitaryTurned Themselves Into “Young Bucks”

If you’re familiar with our military, then you probably know that the majority of men and women serving are 19 year-old fresh-faced recruits…

At their age, most of them can run the gauntlet of a 12 hour training day without too much of an effort.

They’re lucky. “Father time” hasn’t caught up with them yet...

But this isn’t true for the older guys in the military...

Unlike the “young bucks” they serve with, the older guys are dealing with health issues that the younger soldiers simply don’t have to face…

Things like fatigue and endless aches & pains...

But they can’t afford to let these problems stop them.

So how do these older soldiers keep up with recruits that are 20 or 30 years younger than them?

For many of them, their secret is Patriot Power Greens.

Patriot Power Greens has helped these “old timers” turn their achy joints, stiff muscles and lack of energy into a thing of the past…

After witnessing firsthand the powerful results Patriot Power Greens delivered to a San Diego Coast Guard unit, I decided to let an initial group of 1000 “ordinary people” test Patriot Power Greens to see how it would help them.

I told each of the people in this test group to follow-up with me and let me know how it was working for them.

At first, I didn’t hear back from anyone. I started to think that maybe the product didn’t work for “ordinary people”. Maybe it just worked for these guys in the military because they were already in decent shape…

But then 6 days later something amazing happened.

The results started to pour in…

Overnight Relief From Pain, Joint Discomfort, Fatigue, And Even Sleep Troubles

I opened my Gmail account on a Thursday morning and saw 17 new emails with feedback on Patriot Power Greens.

And when I started digging into them, I was stunned by what I was reading...

People were getting relief from conditions that I would have never expected. Men and women with muscle pain, occasional heartburn, fatigue, age-related memory decline and years of joint discomfort were suddenly starting to feel better each day.

Here are a few examples, so that you can see for yourself. These are ACTUAL Greens customers:

Air Force Veteran Can’t Believe His Muscle Pain Has Been Cut-In-Half!

“I am a medically retired USAF pilot that has suffered from the effects of post surgical muscle pain for over 15 years.

After the 1st week on power greens I could definitely tell some difference in the overall-body pain. It has been cut in half now and I am tolerating daily work and activities much better. The pain won ’t ever go away, but the body/joint pains have definitely reduced to a tolerable level. This in itself has been a godsend!

I was a bit skeptical it would help much. The muscle pain has been slowly consuming me, making it very difficult to concentrate through the pain at work, and leaving my home life activities barely existent.

So yes, Patriot Power Greens are definitely something I am glad to have found and highly recommend anyone with similar pain to at least give it a try....you never know. Thank you for offering a product that is so easy to take...I mix it in a small Gatorade bottle each morning and drink in while driving to work. I know it’s helping my body fight through the damage it has endured."

- Ken B. from Del Rio, TX

Joint Pain And Hand Swelling Reduced To Almost Zero!

“My wife and I started on the Patriot Power Greens the morning after we received them; a month ago! We are in our late 50's and have worked in careers where we use our hands constantly to accomplish tasks at hand.

Within 2 weeks of the Patriot Power Greens regimen, the amount of joint pain, swelling and subsequent stiffness is reduced to almost zero!

We are both experiencing less fatigue with a noticeable sense of well being that we enjoyed in our 30's."

- Tony W. from Nashville, TN

Grandmother Gets Relief From Heartburn and Her Husband Is Breathing Better!

“My heartburn and indigestion were driving me bonkers. Since Patriot Power Greens, my symptoms have improved greatly. Also, my husband has some respiratory problems and said he has noticed he’s breathing better and has more energy.

I had my doubts, thought this product may be useless like so many others I've tried. I finally decided to try it and I was pleasantly surprised. Actually does what it says.

Besides the decrease in heartburn and increase in energy, I've noticed my attention has also improved. I have clearer thoughts and more focus."

- Nanci B. from Clear Spring, MD

I Was Highly Skeptical At First, But Now I’m Sleeping Better With Less Aches And Pains!

“I'm a doubting Thomas and truly expected to take advantage of your guarantee and return them. I did not expect to start feeling benefits right from the first day.

On days I do fix my morning drink I'm more alert mentally and physically. I get a good start on my day that carries me through. Can't say that I totally keep up with my grandchildren yet but I do a whole lot better at it and with less head and body aches.

I also sleep better at night. My CPAP machine increased my sleep time from 2-3 hrs per night to 4-6, and stayed there for the last two years but since I've started with this product I'm sleeping 6-8 hrs a night, and this is the ONLY change I've made.

I can tell that you don't just care about your (financial) bottom line but the satisfaction of your customers. Keep up the good work. I also enjoy your Newsletters very much."

- Crystal B. from Orange, MA

Fast Relief For My Bad Knees

“I was a little reluctant to try this product at first because it seemed to be similar to so many other products that I have tried for my aching knees.

I work a tough manual labor job, which can take a toll on your knees and legs by the end of the day. Quite frankly none of the products I have tried worked including some pretty expensive ones.

Not only did Patriot Power Greens begin making my joints feel better within about two to three weeks but my energy level has been noticeably better almost immediately since I began taking the product.

I normally don't get too excited about this type of product but so far I have got to say it has really been a game changer for me and my wife."

- Rick G. from Augusta, GA

After seeing how well Patriot Power Greens worked for people like this, I knew that every American over the age of 50 would benefit from drinking it each day…

And they have....

The “thank you” emails continue to pour in each day. Sometimes I get as many as 40 “thank you” emails in one day! And we have more than 2,000 4- and 5-star reviews from happy customers.

But before I get ahead of myself and tell you any more, let me show you the “secret sauce” behind Patriot Power Greens and why I think it will work for you

How A Former Air Force Vet… Turned Medical Doctor Created The Best Health Drink In America

We teamed up with Dr. Lane Sebring M.D. to formulate the special ingredients for Patriot Power Greens.

You may have seen Dr. Sebring on the evening news discussing his breakthrough anti-aging remedies, or maybe you even caught the piece National Public Radio (NPR) did on him.

As a dyed-in-the-wool conservative and a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Dr. Sebring was more than happy to step up to the plate and formulate this product to help the men and women in our military.

After 4 long months of testing new formulas and searching the world for the best ingredients possible, Dr. Sebring finally came up with what is now Patriot Power Greens…

And while Patriot Power Greens has delivered some life-changing results for the members of the military that have tested it, it also can help support your health in 9 different ways.

And it starts with…

Healing Secret #1

Healthy digestion and clockwork regularity are critical for good health.

Yet, many seniors visit the doctor complaining about occasional constipation, diarrhea or an upset stomach that forces them to give up their favorite foods…

Many doctors will tell you digestive trouble is simply a part of aging…

But if you’re always looking for a bathroom or worried that your favorite foods are going to leave your stomach in pain, then you don’t want to hear that… You just want a solution.

That’s where Patriot Power Greens comes in.

Patriot Power Greens attacks the main trigger that causes digestive problems…


The Mayo Clinic Reveals The True Cause Of Constipation, Diarrhea and Stomach Trouble

According to The Mayo Clinic, your intestines become inflamed when you eat too many acidic foods that don’t agree with your body.

For some people this could be foods that contain gluten, for others it could be dairy products or even spicy foods.

This inflammation in your intestines and bowels leads to embarrassing bouts of constipation, bloating, diarrhea and gas.

While the fruits and vegetables in Patriot Power Greens are great for providing fiber and aiding your digestion, the real key is the 10 strains of probiotics and the 6 digestive enzymes in each serving.

Harvard Study Shows How You Can Relieve Diarrhea, Constipation And Bloating All At The Same Time…

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently showed that the probiotic Bifidobacterium can provide relief for constipated patients by softening the stool and increasing the number of bowel movements you have each week.

What’s interesting is that a report from Harvard Medical School shows that these same probiotics also reduce occurrences of occasional diarrhea by 60%.

So how can probiotics provide relief for diarrhea and also for constipation?

By naturally reducing the inflammation in your intestines and your gut, and boosting the amount of “good” bacteria in your stomach.

This helps bring your intestines and your gut back to the natural balance that God and nature intended for them to operate at.

Why All Probiotics Are NOT Created Equal

Not all "green drinks" are created equal. Patriot Power Greens has 10 probiotic strains and 6 digestive enzymes in every serving!

But you can’t just rely on any probiotic to take care of you. That’s because most probiotics - even the good ones that cost $40 - usually only contain 5-7 strains of probiotics.

In Patriot Power Greens you’re getting 10 strains of probiotic including B. LactisL. Paracasei and S. Thermophilus. These added strains of probiotics are crucial for helping you digest tough foods such as dairy, bread and fatty foods.

The probiotics and digestive enzymes in each serving of Patriot Power Greens can help you enjoy your favorite foods without worry because they can:

  • Promote bowel regularity, reducing occasional constipation and diarrhea
  • Increase beneficial bowel flora - the “good” bacteria that reduces gas and bloating

Maybe you’re taking a quality probiotic now. If you’re happy with it then by all means keep taking it… but you can now save yourself as much as $40 a month by simply getting your probiotics from your daily serving of Patriot Power Greens!

And not only does Patriot Power Greens support healthy digestion and regularity, but it can also help support your heart health as well.

Healing Secret #2

According to the Centers For Disease Control, the #1 health concern for seniors is their heart.

The medical establishment will tell you that heart problems are the result of eating too much red meat and too many fatty foods.

But that’s simply not true.

The REAL Cause Of Heart Concerns

Over time, inflammation in your body can lead to troubling problems like restricted blood flow.

So what’s the solution?

Neutralizing the inflammation and excess acid in your body with the healing power of alkaline-rich fruits and vegetables.

Harvard School Of Public Health Reveals The Secret To A Healthy Heart

A recent report from the Harvard School of Public Health showed that people who eat 8 or more servings a day of fruits and vegetables are 30% less likely to have heart health concerns than those who eat 1.5 servings or less.

Another study in the British Medical Journal showed that the nutrients from fruits and vegetables can improve your blood pressure, while antioxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids can keep your cholesterol in check.

Probiotics can support a healthy heart and good cholesterol. But what's the best way to get enough? Read on for the answer…

But it doesn’t stop there…

A recent study published by the American Heart Association showed that daily doses of the probiotic L. reuteri, improved total cholesterol in study participants by 9.1%.

How can a probiotic improve your cholesterol levels?

Why Probiotics Are The “Unsung Hero” Of A Healthy Heart

Probiotics lowered key cholesterol-bearing molecules in the blood as well as "bad" and total cholesterol, according to the study.

Mitchell L. Jones, M.D., the head researcher of the probiotic study said that the probiotics “broke up the bile salts, leading to reduced cholesterol absorption in the gut and less LDL cholesterol in your blood” (the bad cholesterol).

With Patriot Power Greens not only are you getting the heart healthy benefits of 40 different fruits and vegetables, but you’re also getting 10 powerful probiotic strains.

And if you suffer from pain, joint discomfort or muscle stiffness then pay attention to this next part…

Healing Secret #3

If you’re suffering from an achy back, joint discomfort or your body just feels stiff when you move around, then you have probably become a victim of inflammation.

Most doctors will tell you that stiff, creaky joints and aching muscles are just part of getting older, but I’ve got news for you — they’re wrong.

When inflammation develops in your muscles and joints, most people reach for a bottle of aspirin to get relief...

But you don’t have to!

Why NSAIDs Are NOT The Best Option For Your Achy Back And Sore Knees

Who wants to deal with all of the terrible side-effects of NSAIDs like diarrhea, bleeding stomach, high blood pressure, kidney problems and swelling?

Especially when there’s a natural enzyme that has been proven in numerous studies to be MORE effective than NSAIDs when it comes to relieving pain…

According to the University of Michigan, in a double-blind study a group of seniors with joint pain received either an oral enzyme (like those in Patriot Power Greens) or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) for six weeks.

At the end of the six weeks, researchers were stunned when the patients taking the enzyme reported more pain relief and better joint function than the group that took the NSAID!

Natural Enzyme Beats NSAID’s In Double-Blind Study When It Comes To Pain Relief

A second double-blind study tested proteolytic enzymes to see how they faired for treating pain in the hands, elbows and knees. When the study was published, the medical community was in disbelief at the results. The natural enzymes proved to relieve nagging pain better than conventional treatments!

Why do digestive enzymes have such a big impact on joint pain?

Dr. Sebring believes that enzymes like protease reduce inflammation and joint pain symptoms by increasing support of the digestive and immune systems - a crucial factor when it comes to pain.

While pain and fatigue can severely diminish the quality of life for many seniors…

You don’t have to be part of those statistics!

How To Get Instant Pain Relief… Naturally

With Patriot Power Greens, you’ll have the power to alleviate your pain and joint discomfort with a combination of 6 digestive enzymes.

In every glass of Patriot Power Greens you’ll get the healing power of acid protease, amyloglucosidase, cellulase, amylase, protease and lipase.

These enzymes in Patriot Power Greens can help you…

  • Move with less pain and stiffness
  • Reduce the pain you feel when exercising, gardening or golfing
  • Alleviate the need of asking for help when trying to open a jar, button your shirt or doing any other routine task.

Just like they helped Elaine, who says she's going up and down the stairs easier, thanks to Patriot Power Greens...

I've Taken Control of My Own Health Again

“I had inflammation in my legs and knees, so going up and down the stairs was painful. And at night I’d have trouble sleeping due to my legs aching.

I’d take three Advil every night to make sure that my legs would calm down and I could go to sleep. Advil, Motrin, and ibuprofen – I was taking a lot of that. It is not good for your stomach. It’s not good for your system – but I was in such pain that I took it. And that’s all they give you… or something stronger...

My husband always used to say they’re practicing medicine on us. They're practicing ‘let's try this, let's try that!’ With Patriot Power Greens, I'm no longer doing that. So to me... that is a major plus. Major! Now I can literally run down the stairs and run back up the stairs so that's a real plus for me. I'm not jogging or skiing again... but I probably could!”

- Elaine C. from Brentwood, TN

And while Patriot Power Greens has been a godsend for seniors with pain, joint discomfort and muscle stiffness, the benefits you’ll get from each glass doesn’t stop there.

In fact, one of my favorite benefits of Patriot Power Greens is the boost my brain gets with clearer thinking and sharper memory. Here’s the secret behind it…

Healing Secret #4

If you can never remember where you put your keys, or you can feel your memory fading more and more as each year passes, don’t blame it on your genetic.

What if you’d like to “age- proof” your brain and boost your memory power too? Read on to find out how…

The real cause? Many Doctors believe that oxidative stress is the true cause of declining brain function.

This oxidative stress in your brain leads to a loss of dopamine neurons. And when your brain loses too many of these neurons it can trigger age-related memory decline.

Don’t Become A Victim Of Memory Decline

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had a friend or a family member that has suffered from progressive memory decline.

Over the years, I watched my grandfather become increasingly frustrated because he could no longer remember simple things like where he left his keys or the code for his garage door.

Sometimes he’d take our whole family out to dinner, and when we were leaving he would eventually have to fess up and tell us that he forgot where he parked the car.

As the head of our family, this was downright humiliating for him to go through…

And its something I don’t want to happen to you…

So what’s the secret for keeping your mind as sharp as a tack?

The Japanese “Deep Ocean” Secret For Better Brain Health

The Japanese, who are known for staying sharp well into their 70’s and 80s, have relied on a tiny nutrient from the ocean called spirulina to boost their memory and keep their mind razor-sharp as they age.

A recent UC Davis study showed that spirulina,an ingredient found in Patriot Power Greens,can help improve your memory as you age.

In fact, a study published by UC Davis confirms the Japanese have been right about this all along.

In a 2011 study, senior citizens were given a dose of spirulina everyday to see if it had any immune system benefits.

By the end of the study, researchers found a secondary benefit that they never expected. They were shocked to discover that the study participants were seeing a noticeable improvement when it came to recalling names, events and dates.

How Spirulina Can Help Keep Your Memory Sharp

According to medical researcher Robert Henrikson “spirulina causes actions in the central nervous system to counteract oxidative stress and inflammation that occur as a consequence of aging. It also aids in the regeneration of the brain.”

And while spirulina and other sea vegetables are a staple in Japanese diets, they’re virtually non-existent in our American diets.

This is why we added 1,067 mg of organic spirulina and 3 other brain-boosting sea vegetables to Patriot Power Greens.

From your very first sip of Patriot Power Greens you may start to feel the brain boosting benefits that spirulina, wakame, nori and kombu deliver.

Just imagine how you’ll feel at social gatherings if you’re able to…

  • Improve your memory for better recall of names, faces and important dates
  • Sharpen your mental skills for cards, crosswords and puzzles
  • Stay alert whether you’re working or driving
  • Improve your concentration so you can focus on work, travel or just making decisions around the house.

And because Patriot Power Greens heals your body from the inside out, you might also find that you start to notice younger looking skin and less wrinkles in just a few weeks…

Healing Secret #5

Do you ever wonder why some people look 10 or 20 years older than they should, while others never seem to age?

Turns out, inflammation is at the root cause of aging skin.

Inflammation releases nasty proteins, which destroy collagen - the connective tissue that makes skin elastic. And firm. And youthful.

To prevent this inflammation, some people choose to avoid certain inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy products.

And while that will certainly help, you can also simply neutralize the inflammation in your body with specific fruits and vegetables.

The Leafy Green Superfood That Gives Your Skin It’s Youthful Glow Back

According to a study published in the Clinics of Dermatology, the superfood kale is one of the most powerful foods when it comes to giving your skin that “youthful glow”.

Kale is loaded with 2 crucial nutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin - both of which absorb and neutralize the skin destroying free radicals created by UV light.

In addition to kale, each serving of Patriot Power Greens contains 1100 mg of the best age-defying fruits and vegetables for better looking skin.

You’ll get all the skin smoothing benefits of…

Beet Juice - Beets are an excellent source of antioxidants as they contain anthocyanins, which can prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Broccoli - The vitamin C in broccoli aids in collagen production and keeps your skin looking healthy and supple. Broccoli is also loaded with vitamin E which protects your skin and guards against UV radiation damage.

Carrots - Carrots are high in beta carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to vitamin A inside the body. Vitamin A helps repair skin tissue and protects your skin against damage from the sun.

Just imagine how much younger, smoother and less wrinkled your skin will look once you start nourishing it with the healing power of 40 fruits and vegetables every single day…

And because Patriot Power Greens neutralizes the inflammation in your body, you might also notice that your pants feel a little looser and your belly is slimmer without much effort.

Healing Secret #6

Over the last 10 years, the number of people that are overweight has skyrocketed and caused millions of seniors to end up in the hospital or doctor’s office.

Maybe you’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing seems to work…

If this is the case, then being overweight might not be your fault.

Harvard School of Public Health Reveals
A Hidden Cause of Weight Gain

If you've tried to lose weight, and nothing seems to work, you'll want to pay close attention to this Harvard study.

A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that weight gain could be triggered by a low level of inflammation in the body.

Here’s how it works…

Inflammation begins in your fat cells themselves. And as your fat mass expands, inflammation increases. What causes all of this?

Oxidative stress. As more glucose is delivered to your cells, they start to produce extra reactive oxygen species (ROS), which in turn causes inflammation within your cells.

According to the same Harvard study, this inflammation continues to snowball, which results in your body gaining more weight around your hips, midsection and any other place that fat easily accumulates.

Can’t Lose Weight? It Could Be Because Of Inflammation

And as long as this inflammation is simmering in your body, your chances of losing weight are not good… no matter how many miles you run or how many calories you eat…

So what’s the solution?

Flooding your starving cells with alkaline foods. These alkaline foods help to neutralize the inflammation that’s playing a role in causing you to gain weight.

Fruits and veggies are mother nature’s best form of “alkaline” foods. This is because they neutralize the excess acid and inflammation that’s contributing to your weight gain.

And since Patriot Power Greens is so good at neutralizing the inflammation that’s simmering in your body, you may also notice that it helps support healthy blood sugar levels.

Healing Secret #7

If you struggle with blood sugar problems then I’m sure your doctor has warned you to be careful with what you eat.

You’ve probably been told to avoid foods high in sugar and high in carbohydrates. And this is a great start.

But just balancing your blood sugar levels isn’t enough…

The Truth About Blood Sugar

Why? Because new research shows that it’s not just sugar and carbs that are causing your blood sugar to run wild…It’s inflammation.

Inflammation that triggers blood sugar problems can be caused by a number of factors - but eating too many acidic foods and poor digestion are at the top of the list.

Acidic foods such as canola oil, soda, ice cream and artificial sweeteners all contribute to the inflammation and digestive issues that end up leading to blood sugar problems.

For example, hydrogenated oils like canola oil cause your body to create eicosanoids - these are the small fatty acids that sit inside your cells.

These eicosanoids can either be inflammatory (bad) or anti-inflammatory (good) depending on what food causes them.

How Omega 6 Fats Inflame Your CellsAnd Mess with Your Blood Sugar

In canola oil, and other foods loaded with Omega 6’s (the bad Omega’s), these eicosanoids can cause inflammation in your cells.

This inflammation can trigger blood sugar swings, weight gain, and in some cases even lead to a heart problems.

So what can you do about it?

Feeding your body more alkaline foods and patching up your digestive tract is the solution for having healthy inflammation levels and healthy blood sugar levels.

And that’s where Patriot Power Greens comes in…

Not only do you get the inflammation-fighting power of 40 fruits and vegetables in each serving, but you also get the digestion supporting power of 10 strains of probiotics and 6 digestive enzymes.

The Secret To Healthy Blood Sugar?

When inflammation in your body is neutralized, and your digestion is working properly you’ll experience…

  • Healthy blood sugar levels that your doctor will love
  • Less worry of the problems that can come along with blood sugar issues

But the health benefits of Patriot Power Greens don’t stop there. In fact, this last benefit is the one that both men and women seem to like the most!

Healing Secret #8

When Dr. Sebring set out to create Patriot Power Greens, helping men & women with a “low libido” wasn’t even on his radar…

But a few months after we started selling it, success stories started to pour in from both men & women raving about their sex drive being rekindled!

So while we never intended for this to happen, I like to call this a “welcomed benefit”.

According to Dr. Sebring, the 40 fruits & vegetables in Patriot Power Greens combined with the power of the 10 probiotics is the main reason for the increase in sex drive.

The 40 fruits and vegetables, are crucial when it comes to cleaning up the free radicals that are swarming your body.

This “cleaning” process can increase Nitric Oxide levels in your body, which in turn can increase your testosterone levels.

A slight increase in testosterone can do wonders for a waning libido, no matter if you’re a man or woman.

But the fruits & veggies are just part of it…

The 10 powerful probiotics in Patriot Power Greens swoop in and help rid your body of excess estrogen. Excess estrogen can cause testosterone (your main sex hormone) to take a backseat when you need it most.

This is one of the reasons why so many men & women today are suffering from a low libido.

In numerous studies probiotics have been shown to help rid your body of excess estrogen, allowing testosterone (your main sex hormone) to take over.

The result? An increase in desire, no matter what your age …

And while Patriot Power Greens can give you a nice boost in the “love making” department, it can also help you beat-back the fatigue and sluggishness that keep you on the sidelines.

Healing Secret #9

If you’re always drinking coffee or energy drinks to make it through the day, then your body is probably suffering from inflammation.

Walk into any doctor’s office and complain about low energy, fatigue or feeling tired every afternoon and your doctor will probably tell you that’s “just part of getting older”.

Well I’ve got news for you - they’re wrong!

Unlike coffee and energy drinks that give your body a jittery burst of energy, Patriot Power Greens attacks the source of fatigue, giving you sustained all-day energy.

Why You Feel Worn Out And Sluggish

So what’s the real cause of fatigue and sluggishness?

New research has led many to believe the real cause is inflammation in your cells ‐ specifically in the mitochondria of your cells.

The mitochondria act like a tiny “power plant” for your cells ‐ telling your cells how to feel and giving them the energy they need.

But when your mitochondria are inflamed from stress or bad foods you quickly start to feel sluggish and worn-out.

You’ll start to feel more tired than usual getting out of bed in the morning. And you’ll notice yourself needing a mid-afternoon nap just to make it through the day…

Sound familiar?

A lack of energy like this can keep you from your favorite activities, keep you from visiting your grandkids or just make you feel so sluggish that you don’t want to leave the house.

The Key To Restoring The Youthful Energy
You Had In Your 20’s

So what’s the solution?

Flooding the mitochondria in your cells with the alkaline foods that they desperately need.

Fruits and vegetables such as apples, tomatoes, beets, blueberries, kale and cherries are all highly alkaline foods that can help promote healthy levels of inflammation, giving you back the energy you used to have…

And if that’s not enough for you, you can actually give yourself even more energy with a high-powered probiotic like those in Patriot Power Greens.

So how does a probiotic give you more energy?

A probiotic with at least 8-10 different Bifido and Lacto strains will obviously help you improve your digestion. And when your digestion starts improving, your body will better absorb the nutrients you’re eating, which can give you the youthful energy you used to have...

This is why Patriot Power Greens is so powerful.

In each serving of Patriot Power Greens you’re getting the energy boosting power of 40 fruits and vegetables, 10 strains of probiotics and 6 digestive enzymes.

Within a few days of your first glass of Patriot Power Greens you might start to experience…

  • More energy from the moment you wake up in the morning
  • No afternoon crashes when 3 PM rolls around
  • Deeper sleep from the moment you hit the pillow until the moment you wake in the morning

As you can see, Patriot Power Greens has been a game-changer for Seniors all over America.

Just look at how Donna and Mike are using it to stay healthy and spend time together...

More Energy For One Another!

“We’re very blessed in that neither one of us take any prescription medications and we intend for it to stay that way. We learned that the older that you get... if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

We decided to try Patriot Power Greens, because we try to be health-conscious. We tried it by itself and it’s delicious by itself.

It’s another layer of added health. The extra nutrients that you’re not sure that you’re getting in the food that you’re eating. We’re always trying to find something that will help us to feel better on a daily basis. And this has done that. We like it very much that it gives us energy. We go out on little excursions together.

I suggest that everybody try it. Everybody’s different, but if you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle that’s quick and easy... it tastes so good, even kids like it. So why not give it a try, I think you’ll like it too!”

- Donna and Mike, South Carolina

Now, I’ll show you how to get your hands on a canister in just a second, but first let me address some of the biggest questions you might have…

Does Patriot Power Greens Actually Taste Good?

If you’re not familiar with greens powders, you may have some questions about the taste and “green color” of this drink.

If you’ve tried a greens powder before then you know that most of them have a strange “grassy” taste to them - and there’s a few brands that even have a weird smell to them.

This is why I was adamant that Patriot Power Greens had to be nothing like the other greens powders on the market. I wanted it to taste so good that even my 5 year old granddaughter, who is one of the pickiest eaters on earth - would want to drink it everyday…

And the key to the great taste we achieved is because of the natural juice we used to sweeten it. Patriot Power Greens is naturally sweetened with acai berry, goji berry and apple juice (with only less than 2g of sugar per serving)

Once it hits your lips, you’ll enjoy a pleasant berry taste down to the last drop.

There’s no “grassy” or “earthy” tastes in Patriot Power Greens like so many other greens powders.

Clearly, Patriot Power Greens is in a league of its own when it comes to its incredible taste. So you're probably wondering...

What’s Actually In Patriot Power Greens?

We manufacture and package Patriot Power Greens right here in the United States.

Easy to open and a snap to prepare.

Each sample pack was designed so that it’s easy to open and use. So if you have pain in your fingers and you usually have trouble opening things, you’ll be able to open Patriot Power Greens with no problems at all.

You simply mix Patriot Power Greens in a glass with water, juice, or a smoothie - and you're done!

In each serving of Patriot Power Greens, you’re getting the health-boosting power of 40 fruits and vegetables, 10 strains of probiotics and 6 digestive enzymes.

Patriot Power Greens has only 15 calories per serving, no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, it’s diabetic friendly, vegetarian friendly and also does not contain any major allergens.

And as a NEW update - we recently switched our fruits and vegetables in Patriot Power Greens to Organic.

But what might be even more important is not the ingredients we put in the drink, but the ingredients that we left out of the drink...

We Eliminated All Of The Major Allergens
From Patriot Power Greens

No GMO’s, gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish or anything like that is used in Patriot Power Greens.

Dr. Sebring also made sure that we eliminated all of the “fake health foods” that are found in many greens powders.

Many supplement companies like to “bulk up” their greens powders with cheap, highly processed foods like barley, soy and wheat grass.

Barley, soy and wheat grass are all highly processed foods that can cause inflammation, elevate your blood sugar and can damage your intestines.

As a medical doctor, Dr. Sebring was adamant that ingredients like barley, soy and wheat grass should be left out of the formula, even if other companies are using them to give the appearance of “more product”.

But that’s not the only thing we left out of Patriot Power Greens…

Beware of Greens Powders Containing
High Levels Of Lead And Other Heavy Metals

You may have seen the recent report by Consumer Labs that revealed the alarming number of greens powders that contained high levels of lead, arsenic and harmful bacteria!

Prevention Magazine reported on this story and said that…

“Among the 16 popular products tested, five did not pass muster, including products like All-Day Energy Greens, InnerLight Super Greens and The Ultimate Meal.”

This is why we went above-and-beyond the “norm” when it came to sourcing our ingredients for Patriot Power Greens.

And we made sure to use organic fruits and vegetables to eliminate the pesticides and toxins that can come with conventional fruits & veggies.

Each of the ingredients we use come from real farms, that emphasize a natural growing process that focuses on the quality of the ingredient - and not the quantity.

GMP Certified Facility Triple Checks Every Order Before It Goes Out The Door

Many supplement companies “shortcut” this part and source their ingredients from fly-by-night suppliers in heavily polluted areas in China.

This cuts down on costs and boosts profits for them, but the end-product is almost always tainted with dangerous chemicals like lead and arsenic.

Just take a look at how Patriot Power Greens stacks up against some of the other greens powders…

How To Get Your Hands On Patriot Power Greens Today

If you’ve read this far then I know you’re probably very interested in trying out Patriot Power Greens... So here’s the special offer I have for you today...

On this page, we have a limited time deal going on that lets you get 7 sample packs of Patriot Power Greens absolutely FREE.

All I ask is that you pay the small fee for shipping.

That’s a fair deal if you ask me.

This is a straight-forward, FREE offer with NO strings attached, NO monthly billings and NO hidden charges on your credit card.

As the son of an Ohio farmer, I’m a straight-shooter and what you see is what you get.

But there is one catch...

Since we have a very limited amount of these sample packs in stock, I have to limit you to just 7 sample packs at this time.

I want to make sure that everyone has a fair chance at trying Patriot Power Greens before we run out, so I have to limit each household to 7 packs.

Click "Start My Order" now to claim your FREE 7-day supply of Patriot Power Greens!

To “sweeten the pot” for you, I’m also going to throw in 3 bonus reports worth $39.85 absolutely FREE.

I'm Also Offering 3 Incredible FREE Bonus Reports That Will Be a Perfect Complement to Your Greens

Free Special Report #1
How To Look And Feel 10 Years Younger... In Just 10 Days (A $14.95 Value)

The information in this special report was taken from a private presentation Dr. Sebring gave to a group of doctors, nutritionists, and nurses in Austin, Texas.

Each of these people paid as much as $495 to be in the room for Dr. Sebring’s groundbreaking talk.

And at $495 they’ll tell you it was well worth it.

I’ve taken what Dr. Sebring presented that day and condensed it into an easy-to-read powerful 12 page report for you.

In this special report you’ll discover...

  • How to erase wrinkles, age spots and dry skin in less than 7 days...without using expensive creams and treatments.
  • What you should always eat for breakfast to give you 5-6 hours of sustained energy. (Hint: It’s not cereal)
  • How to get off statin drugs (and their nasty side effects) in less than 3 weeks...without radically changing your diet.
  • The ultimate Alzheimer’s-fighting foods. These superfoods can boost your memory and clean out the inflammation that leads to memory loss.
  • Passion between-the-sheets after 65? A simple $9 supplement gives you the sex drive of a 25 year old.
  • Cinnamon cures blood sugar woes? Not so fast. Make sure you use the specific kind of cinnamon we recommend on Page 5.
  • The common food we eat in America that’s the #1 cause of joint pain and muscle stiffness. Avoid it like the plague!
  • How to fight the muscle weakness that comes with age...without exercising. Proven to increase muscle strength and reduce inflammation as well.
  • PLUS much, much more...

You’ll get this special report absolutely FREE when you claim your 7 sample packs of Patriot Power Greens today...

But that’s not the only FREE report you’re getting...

You’re also receive...

Free Special Report #2
Government Health Advice That Could Land You In A Nursing Home (A $14.95 Value)

It’s no secret that the government is usually wrong when it comes to your health.

But did you know that current health advice from the government could actually land you in a nursing home or a hospital? It’s true.

In this free report, I’ll peel back the curtain and reveal...

  • Why you may want to eat MORE salt (and not less) in order to avoid a heart attack.
  • Think milk does a body good? Think again. A new study reveals that dairy could be the cause of your joint and muscle pain. Try this tasty milk-alternative on Page 3 instead (not soy milk)…
  • Why eating a low-fat diet could trigger a stroke when you least suspect it.
  • Using canola oil to help your heart? Stop! New research shows eating canola oil could be tearing tiny holes in your heart! Use the tasty oil on Page 7 instead.
  • Why red meat is not the devil that the government has made it out to be. And how you can eat MORE red meat without increasing your blood pressure or cholesterol.
  • The WORST food recommended by the USDA that could trigger Alzheimer’s or severe dementia (based on research from John’s Hopkins)
  • Plus much, much more…

Not only are you getting the two reports I just told you about, but you’re also getting a 3rd report absolutely FREE as well.

Free Special Report #3
5 Delicious Smoothies For A Quick Energy Boost (A $9.95 Value)

Many of our customers have told me that they like to add a packet of Patriot Power Greens to their daily smoothie.

While this is NOT required (many customers just mix it with water or juice), I wanted to make sure that I gave you some delicious smoothie recipes to try.

So in this FREE report, I’m going to share with you 5 mouth-watering smoothies that you can simply add a packet of Patriot Power Greens to for a quick burst of energy.

Not only are the smoothies in this report delicious, but they’re also free of all major allergens like dairy, gluten, eggs, soy and more...

So to recap...

When you claim your 7 sample packs of Patriot Power Greens today (a $12.95 value) you’ll also get the 3 special reports I just showed you (a 39.85 value) absolutely FREE.

Click "Start My Order" now to claim your FREE 7-day supply and 3 FREE bonus reports!

And I’m also going to take all of the risk off your shoulders and back your order with a 100% money back guarantee to make this offer a total no-brainer for you.

An Outrageous Guarantee You Won’t Find Anyplace Else – That’s How Serious I Am

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s the deal…

I know this is a FREE offer and you’re only paying for shipping & handling.

However, I still want to make sure that you’re not risking a penny when you claim your sample packs today.

Claim your 7 FREE sample packs today and give them a fair try. If you don’t have more energy, less pain, a better night’s sleep and a better mood then simply call or email us and I’ll refund the shipping amount you paid, with no questions asked.

Just give us a call at 1-800-230-8956 and we’ll instantly refund what you paid for shipping & handling.

You can keep the sample packs and the 3 reports as my FREE gift to you for giving Patriot Power Greens a try.

Jeff Reagan,
Founder, Patriot Health Alliance

If you’re like most people, you’ll never want to be without Patriot Power Greens after you start taking it.

But if for some reason it doesn’t work for you, then I want you to feel safe knowing that you’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

This way you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Sound fair?

But I know you're going to love Patriot Power Greens, just like L.S. who paid full price for her supply…

Started This "Green Drink" Months Ago and Haven't Looked Back!

“Good stuff. I’m a 63- year-old woman and have been taking it for 6 months. Energy level is up for sure. My doctor is happy. It’s worth a try. I gave a canister to a friend who was complaining of soreness in her knees when she walked. In a short time she went from walking a mile a day to walking 2 1/2 miles a day. She placed an order! I bet she’s up to 3 miles by now. Also, seems to help me with weight control. I don’t know how or why, but it does.”

- L.S., South Carolina

But you need to act fast, because there are a limited number of packs set aside for this special program.

How To Claim Your 7 FREE Sample Packs Of Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens is only available to residents in the United States and Canada. We are NOT shipping to any other countries at this time.

You can claim your 7 FREE sample packs right now by simply filling out the short form at the bottom of this page.

If you’re not comfortable ordering online and you’d rather order over the phone, you can also claim your FREE sample packets by phone by simply calling 1-800-230-8956.

Corrie and Lisa who answer the phones for us are absolute dolls, and they would be glad to help you with anything you need.

Could A “Second Shot” At Youth Be Waiting For You?

Now before you claim your FREE sample packs, I want you to take a second and picture something…

In a few days when your sample packs of Patriot Power Greens arrive, I want you to mix one pack with 6 ounces of water, juice, or add it to a smoothie.

Once you start drinking it, I want you to notice how quickly you start to feel a newfound energy surging through your body, your brain fog disappearing, your aches and pains vanishing…

I want you to feel what it’s like to…

  • Wake up each morning fresh, alert, excited for the day…
  • Go for a walk or a bike ride - without paying for it the next day…
  • Keep up with your grandkids without feeling completely exhausted
  • Have the stamina to travel and be “out and about” for hours at a time
  • Get back to the hobbies you used to love, such as golfing, hunting, bowling, biking, and working in your garden

Patriot Power Greens is your ticket to having a vibrant and active life well into your 60s, 70s and 80s.

And isn’t that what your “golden years” are all about?

I see too many people living out the last 10 or 20 years of their life, merely “surviving” and just hoping to “make it” another year.

We both know that’s no way to go through life.

Think about this for a second…

According to the CDC, the average life expectancy for men in America is 76, and for women it’s 81.

If you are, for example, now 63 years old, you have only 13 years left as a man, or 18 years left as a woman…

Does that sound like a lot or a little to you?

How much of your remaining time do you want to spend feeling tired and worn-out?

How often do you want to say “I just don’t feel up to it” and see the disappointment in your grandkids eyes?

How much longer do you want to put aside the hobbies and activities that you truly enjoy?

The good news is that you don’t have to put these things off any longer.

With Patriot Power Greens, you can get back to doing all those things you love.

With a glass of Patriot Power Greens each morning, you can take back control of your own health…

Remember this is a FREE offer and all you need to pay for is shipping and handling

Also, since I believe in this product so much, your order is backed by our iron-clad 100% money back guarantee.

Which means that you won’t risk a penny when you claim your sample packs today.

Remember, this offer is only available while supplies last.

Here’s What You Need To Do Now

Simply fill out the short form below and then click the big, green button to see if you qualify for the 7 FREE sample packs of Patriot Power Greens.

If you qualify, you’ll be taken to the secure checkout page where you can claim your 7 FREE sample packs (a $12.95 value) plus the 3 FREE special reports (a $39.85 value).

Get started now by filling out the short order form below to see if you qualify for the 7 FREE sample packs of Patriot Power Greens.

See If You Qualify For 7 FREE Sample Packs Of Patriot Power Greens

Note: If you qualify for this special offer, you will only be billed a small fee for shipping & handling. There are NO hidden charges and NO monthly billings on your credit card. Sample packs are limited, so claim yours now.

Secret “Jet Fuel” for Strength and Stamina

“Patriot Power Greens is quite honestly one of the very best supplements I have ever purchased sight unseen. I mix my Greens to take in conjunction with my breakfast and it is literally like hitting the afterburner on a combat jet. It helps me make it through the entire morning until I have a chance to re-supply at lunch time. I work in a heavy manufacturing environment and regularly lift 50 to 80 pounds throughout the day. I can really tell on those few days where I have missed my ration of Patriot Power Greens because by the end of the day, my keester is dragging.”

- Pete W. from Kansas City, MO

A Blessing for Better Health and Thank You for Supporting our Troops

“I LOVE Patriot Power Greens! I have tried other green / superfood products but this one is my favorite because it tastes great mixed only with water. Most days I don't have time to make a fruit smoothie nor do I want a lot of extra calories. One little scoop is only 20 calories, all organic ingredients which is great for the body.

I noticed more energy, better elimination and even better sleep! It really does everything as good for me as advertised. I'm glad I went ahead and purchased many canisters as I could to save the most $$. Helping our military is also an awesome idea and I feel good that I can help in some small way. God bless our troops, our cops, our country, and your company! I am telling all my family and friends to try it out for better health. Thank you!!”

- Susie K.

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