Stunning results from all across the nation…

“All Of My Stomach Issues Have Gone Away!” How One Florida Woman Escaped From Digestive Hell

“Great results for an acidic stomach,” reports one happy Kentucky gent.

“I don’t feel bloated from gas. I’m much more comfortable and regular. I was desperate until I found this,” adds Missouri woman.

“I no longer have the burning sensation at night. Works better than prescription drugs and works on my whole digestive system,” reports grateful Arizona man.

How are results like these possible?

With a new 20-second “digestive miracle in a glass” that’s been a godsend for those taking it. Now, let it RENEW, REVIVE and RESTORE your entire digestive tract and give you all the relief you want—even if antacids, probiotics, laxatives, digestive enzymes or colon cleansers have failed you.

By Lane Sebring, M.D.
Naturopathic Doctor & Proud Veteran

Dear friend,

What’s WRONG about how you’re getting treated for digestive or GI problems? Almost everything!

Shockingly, 150 million Americans are suffering from acid issues, heartburn, indigestion, abdominal pain, constipation and more…

…and if you’re suffering too, this is a catastrophe that should NEVER be happening. But why?

Because Of The WRONG Diagnosis and The WRONG Treatments

Harvard University Crowd Stunned By
Dr. Lane Sebring
Dr. Lane Sebring, featured speaker at the Business Expert Forum at the Harvard Faculty Club. His patients include some of the biggest movie stars and celebrity athletes in the world who come to him for his expertise in natural healing.

University of California doctors report, “Gastrointestinal problems are often misdiagnosed…”

The European Journal of Internal Medicine adds there are “Alarming levels of acid misdiagnosis…and overtreatment.”

CNN headlined an article: “15 Diseases Doctors Often Get Wrong”… and the top two are digestive problems.

And the Daily Mail reports, “Why are we ALL misdiagnosed… and told we have IBS: How doctors may be missing problems that are even WORSE.”

How did they get it so wrong?

Your digestive system is very complex. And this is one reason many doctors and standard tests don’t uncover the real problem.

If that’s not bad enough, the wrong treatments can make your problems worse, not better.

Revealed: A Major Flaw in Treating Most GI and Digestive Problems

Many doctors try to treat your problems with a “single shot” approach.

If you have too much acid, you get an antacid.

Constipated, you get a laxative.

Heartburn, you get something to block acid production.

Cramping, you get something that soothes spasms.

Yet shockingly, we now know that these treatments only BLOCK, HINDER and COVER UP the real issues. They are not long-term solutions.

New research from the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders reveals the REAL cause of most GI and digestive problems is a “dysfunctional digestive system” affecting nearly 100 million Americans!

“Dysfunctional digestion” is not a disease. But it can still make your life miserable.

Pain in your upper abdomen after you eat… acid issues… burning in your stomach… pressure in your gut… bloating… indigestion… and constipation that makes it nearly impossible for you to enjoy your favorite foods and the best of life.

Here’s the REAL SHOCKER: The Medical Establishment has no effective treatment for a dysfunctional digestive system. None!

In fact, one of the world's leading digestive & GI researchers says there's a "striking lack of effective therapies" in the medical world for digestive problems.

But hold on. I have great news!

There’s now a new, fast and effective way for you to get relief from a dysfunctional digestive system…

Get Relief Now… Even If Probiotics, Laxatives, Antacids or Colon Cleansers Have Failed You!

My name is Dr. Lane Sebring, and I’m excited to tell you about the first and only real solution that RENEWS, REVIVES and RESTORES your entire digestive tract. All to give you the kind of full spectrum relief you want and need — and quickly, too!

As you’ll see, it helps ease, even eliminate, over a dozen of the most common digestive and GI problems. It’s more effective than anything I’ve ever seen, and will get you back to enjoying all the foods you love.

Imagine one single solution with unique natural ingredients specially formulated to give you safe, natural relief from…

Happy People
  • Stomach pains and nausea
  • Bloating and abdominal cramps
  • Heartburn
  • Acid issues
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Fullness
  • Diarrhea
  • And more…

How are results like this possible?

The answer may surprise you. It’s a remarkable story that starts with…

Once Outlawed Herbal Tonics That Millions Now Swear by For Digestive Relief

While digestive and GI problems are at epidemic levels here in the U.S., Europeans have successfully put an end to these problems for decades.

Their secret is using herbal liquid tonics — or “bitters.”

Bitters are typically special mixtures of herbs, roots, spices and fruits preserved in an alcohol solution.

For example, people in Sweden regularly drink herbal bitters. Many are based on ancient recipes, for long life and great health… especially digestive health.

In fact, one landmark clinical study reveals Swedes have only HALF the dysfunctional digestive problems Americans do.

Elsewhere in Europe, millions of people with digestive problems rely on herbal liquid tonics with very impressive results, too.

Just look.

In one study, 72% of people drinking a popular herbal tonic became symptom free of digestive problems, and 90% rated their relief as “very good.”

In another study, the GI symptom score profile (measuring how bad their symptoms were) dropped 62.7% within eight weeks for those taking the popular herbal tonic.

Happy People

Herbal “bitter” tonics were popular as medicinal drinks in the American colonies all the way to the 1800s. But in 1906, the U.S. Food and Drugs Act, which regulated ingredients and required proof of health benefits, effectively outlawed many herbal bitters. And Prohibition finished off most of the rest.

Government meddling at its worst!

Yet at Patriot Health Alliance, we know better.

Modern science and clinical studies now prove the healing power of these herbal tonics used in Europe.

So we set out to develop a formula based on them — and to make it even better. The result?

A Remarkable New & Improved Digestive Remedy…

An Exclusive Herbal Liquid Tonic Called Digestive Freedom PLUS

As you’re about to see, Digestive Freedom PLUS is superior to anything I’ve ever come across for soothing, and even ending, your digestive or GI problems.

Happy People

It’s a liquid tonic, not a pill.

And the taste? A minty, herbal taste, not bitter at all.

Just put a few drops into a cup of 2-4 oz. of water, drink before a meal once a day and let the unique herbal ingredients go to work.

Why a liquid rather than a pill? When these herbs come into contact with your mouth, they stimulate saliva and stomach digestive juices. This starts a healthy digestive process faster than taking a pill.

The results? Remarkable!

Here are a few comments from grateful people who are taking Digestive Freedom PLUS...

“Great results for my acidic stomach — so good I stopped using an acid blocker.”
Erv Moore, Kentucky

“My husband and I take Digestive Freedom PLUS, and it’s working for us. He takes it regularly for digestive and acid issues, and I take it when I feel bloated or need a good bowel movement. It only took 2-3 days for us to experience results.”
— Crystal Summers, New Mexico

“Ever since taking Digestive Freedom PLUS, I don’t feel bloated from gas. I’m much more comfortable and regular. It’s wonderful. I was desperate until I found this product. I felt more comfortable trying it because it’s natural. It’s wonderful.”
Barbara Whitehead, Missouri

“After taking Digestive Freedom PLUS for two weeks, I no longer have a burning sensation… it works on my whole digestive tract.”
Fred Roof, Arizona

“I haven’t had chocolate for a month, but thanks to Digestive Freedom PLUS, I had chocolate cake at my birthday bash.”
Audrey Heiser

“I just recently tried Digestive Freedom PLUS, and it worked right away. Not only does it have a very good taste, but it helps relax me enough where I can be more at ease with my own body. I ate meat the other night, which I don’t normally do…after taking this, I felt cleansed and overall better… it has been a blessing.”
— Jane Magnan, California

Why such great results? Because…

Digestive Freedom PLUS Is the First Multi-Herb, Multi-Action, Multi-Target Remedy for A Dysfunctional Digestive System

Digestive Freedom PLUS is a unique liquid tonic with a baker’s dozen of soothing, healing herbs.

Why multi-herbs?

Because a single herb just can’t do it all. And by creating a specialized formula of medicinal plants, herbs and spices, you get the advantage of “functional intelligence.”

Functional what-now?

This means these unique herbal medicines have been shown to respond individually to many digestive conditions. And they tailor themselves to YOU.

Simply put, these herbs are “smart.” And when you put them together, your digestive system re-learns how to work the right way!

For example, if your stomach acid is too high, these herbs lower it. If your stomach acid is too low, they stimulate higher levels of beneficial acid.

Or if your stomach muscles are too tense, they relax them. But if your stomach muscles are too loose, the herbs tighten them instead.


It’s incredible what the right herbs, the right dosage and the right formula can do.

These unique herbs…

  • Propel and relax the digestive wave in your gut
  • Protect sensitive tissues in your digestive tract
  • Reduce inflammation
  • And so much more, as you’ll soon see…

Even better, Digestive Freedom PLUS is no single shot approach.

We call it “multi-action” because it’s designed to rejuvenate all the key digestive mechanisms in your GI system — and that means quick, natural relief for you!

This is critical because as I’ll now explain…

Most Doctors Have Been WRONG About Treating Acid Issues & Heartburn

Let me tell you the truth about how most people get treated for acid issues and heartburn — and it’s not pretty.

WedMD reports the prevalence of weekly heartburn and other acid symptoms rose nearly 50% in the last decade.

WebMD Article
Read on to find out how you can
avoid being a part of this statistic…

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine adds that 1 in 5 people suffer heartburn or acid regurgitation on a weekly basis.

And shockingly, the Cleveland Clinic reports that conventional solutions don’t work for as many as 40% of people taking acid blockers and as many as 80% of people taking antacids.

This is because these so-called “solutions” STOP the production of acid or NEUTRALIZE acids. That’s the wrong way to treat acid issues and heartburn.

Why? Because most of us, as we age, have too little stomach acid. Without enough stomach acid, you’ll have difficulty breaking down, digesting and absorbing nutrients. Low acid can also cause damage to your GI tract, infections, heartburn, bloating, indigestion and nausea.

The good news is, Digestive Freedom PLUS has the unique ability to…

#1 - Regulate & Balance Your Stomach Acid to Jumpstart Your Whole Digestive System

We now know having too little stomach acid is a far more common problem than having too much acid. The fact is, you must balance and control acid, and that’s what Digestive Freedom PLUS does so effectively.

If your acid levels are low, Digestive Freedom PLUS stimulates beneficial acid with herbs like Iberis amara and Angelica.

At times, you may need more acid to get your digestive juices flowing, break down protein and destroy harmful microbes in food.

And if needed, this unique liquid herbal tonic tames and buffers too much stomach acid with the herb milk thistle. A key compound in milk thistle, called silymarin, has been clinically shown to reduce stomach acid output by 62% and increase antacid buffering power by 74%.

It also includes the herbs lemon balm, chamomile and peppermint. These natural herbs reduce stomach acid output and increase mucin secretion, which protects your stomach lining from acid.

The results of balancing acid in your stomach?

Better digestion from the start… relief of acid issues and heartburn… and the end of burning, bloating, gas, burping and indigestion.

You get soothing comfort that’s far better than what antacids or conventional acid blockers offer you.

Digestive Freedom PLUS also stands alone because…

It Can Fix the Damage WRONG Treatments Can Cause…

If you’re backed up and constipated, doctors will likely give you either a “bulking” or “stimulant” laxative.

Bulking laxatives add more volume to stools, but long term use can irritate your gut… exacerbate your digestive problems… and make you reliant on an expensive, unhealthy product.

Stimulant laxatives irritate the wall of your intestinal tract, but this can damage your gut lining and dehydrate your intestinal walls.

Worse, these so-called “solutions” completely MISS what you really need to relieve constipation.

What research now shows is you need more bile to relieve constipation.

This is now possible because Digestive Freedom PLUS helps you…

#2 - Stimulate Bile to Alleviate Constipation, Get “Regular” Again and Better Digest Fat

Most people are turned off by the word “bile,” but for all the wrong reasons.

Bile is a digestive juice made in your liver and stored in your gallbladder. It’s an essential “degreaser” and “emulsifier” that breaks down dietary fat, which is the hardest nutrient to digest.

This means it assists in fat digestion and absorption, helps you excrete waste products, and regulates your bowel movements.

The fact is, low levels of bile often make you constipated, as there’s not enough “grease” to make stools pass easily. Herbal laxatives do nothing to increase bile, and that’s why they don’t always work for relieving constipation.

It’s actually low bile that leads to so much bloating, indigestion and uncomfortable fullness in the first place.

One of the unique herbs in Digestive Freedom PLUS is curcumin. Studies show curcumin activates your gallbladder to produce the optimal amount of bile to

Happy People
  • Digest fat
  • Prevent fat indigestion
  • And get your bowel movements “regular” again

That’s not all. Digestive Freedom PLUS is one-of-a-kind because it…

#3 - Stimulates Muscle Wave Action in Your Gut to Move Food and Stools Along… So They Don’t Back Up

One reason you may suffer stomach aches, nausea and constipation is food backs up in your GI tract for days, even weeks.

This is very unhealthy.

As you age, the muscle wave action in your gut slows down, and your gut will get easily “congested.”

Good digestion and elimination require the muscles in your gut to relax and tighten with a smooth, wave-like action.

Iberis amara is the German herbal secret that MOVES your digestion. That’s why it’s a key herb found in Digestive Freedom PLUS.

This herb has the unique ability to naturally tighten a weak stomach and intestinal muscles, which increases the frequency and power of the digestive wave.

With your body’s natural “muscle wave” action, food is propelled along with your digestion’s normal motion to keep things moving. It helps prevent stagnation of food, burping and fullness. The result is healthier digestion and elimination.

If that’s not enough, Digestive Freedom PLUS also…

#4 - Quells Bad Bacteria, Yeast Overgrowth and Toxins That Can Put Your Whole Digestive System at Risk

To digest your food well and have easy, regular bowel movements, your gut needs a healthy mucosal lining.

Healthy mucus protects your stomach tissue:

  • From acid
  • Helps liquefy food so it can move normally through your stomach
  • Secretes essential digestive enzymes
  • Protects against dryness and irritation
  • And helps eliminate bad bacteria that causes damage to your stomach lining

If your gut is overrun by bad bacteria, yeast overgrowth or chemical and heavy metal toxins, your whole digestive system gets out of whack.

The good news is, Digestive Freedom PLUS includes special soothing, cleansing herbs like licorice and marshmallow root.

I call licorice the “stomach guardian” because it has the powerful ability to protect the mucosal lining of your stomach. It coats your stomach with healing, soothing mucus and prevents injury or irritation.

If that’s not enough, licorice stimulates mucus to keep acid under control.

Marshmallow root is the “smooth mover.”

It forms a soothing covering of mucus on your digestive tissues and relieves dryness. Plus, it contains special compounds that eliminate bad bacteria, soothe burning, protect against over-acidity and strengthen boggy stomach tissue.

The result? Digestive Freedom PLUS keeps the lining of your stomach moist and smooth so there’s no burning, irritation, heartburn, fullness, acid overload or indigestion.

But wait, there’s more…

This unique liquid herbal tonic also helps give you relief…

When Most Doctors Are DEAD WRONG About Fixing Stomach and Abdominal Pain

When it comes to treating stomach and abdominal pain, doctors often MISS THE BOAT. They blame the pain on:

  • Viruses
  • Acid reflux
  • Food allergies
  • Constipation
  • Urinary tract or bladder infections
  • Ulcers
  • Or kidney stones

Yet emerging data reveals that up to 40% of people suffering from a dysfunctional digestive system have a problem with inflammation in the small intestines. And these people have significantly higher levels of a key marker of inflammation called TNF alpha.

As you may know, inflammation is a normal immune system response, and 70% of your immune cells are found in your small and large intestine.

Yet if inflammation gets out of control, you’ll feel it with abdominal pain, cramps, nausea and vomiting.

That’s why you’ll be glad to know Digestive Freedom PLUS helps…

#5 - Vanquish Cramps, Nausea, Stomach and Abdominal Pain - By Reducing Inflammation in Your Intestines and Colon

In Digestive Freedom PLUS, you get one of nature’s best inflammation fighters, the herb caraway — and research backs it up.

In one study, animals with colon problems were given caraway or a placebo. Their colons were checked visually and microscopically for damage.

The results?

The colon discomfort levels of animals getting caraway was 94% less than the control… and their colon inflammation was 56% less than the control.

In studies of people suffering indigestion, caraway seed was the “top spice” giving comfort and relief. Caraway is also a gentle diuretic, eliminating excess fluid build-up.

In addition, herbs like Iberia amara, licorice, chamomile, angelica and peppermint have been shown to reduce the inflammation marker, TNF alpha, in the small intestine.

Calm inflammation with Digestive Freedom PLUS, and lessen (even end!) abdominal pain, cramps, nausea, vomiting and colon discomfort for good.

Yet that’s not all. Far from it…

Digestive Freedom PLUS Works in Your Upper and Lower GI Tract Giving Your Entire Digestive System Relief

Another reason this herbal liquid tonic is so unique and so effective is… it’s a full spectrum remedy.

It works in your entire digestive system.

It does wonders for your upper GI Tract:

  • Your mouth
  • Throat
  • Esophagus
  • Stomach
  • Duodenum (the first part of your small intestine)

Your upper GI tract is primarily involved in the ingestion of food and healthy digestion.

In addition, Digestive Freedom PLUS works great for your lower GI tract, too.

This includes your small intestine, large intestine, colon and rectum.

Your lower GI tract is primarily involved in the completion of digestion… absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins… and healthy and regular elimination.

When you treat and restore your whole digestive and GI system, you can alleviate, even eliminate, a host of common digestive problems. Far better than any “single shot” digestive solutions.

No other digestive formula I’ve ever seen does this like Digestive Freedom PLUS.

What Are the Baker’s Dozen of Healing Herbs Found in Digestive Freedom PLUS?

Digestive Freedom PLUS is so powerfully effective because it includes an exclusive array of soothing and healing herbs found together nowhere else. These include…

  • Iberis amara: The German herbal secret that MOVES FOOD AND STOOLS for healthy digestion and elimination.
  • Curcumin: The prized Ayurvedic herb that DIGESTS FAT WITH BILE to reduce bloating and constipation.
  • Angelica: The ancient Swedish digestive herb that MOISTENS THE COLON to stimulate sluggish digestion and relieve constipation.
  • Caraway seed: The powerful herb that TAMES COLON INFLAMMATION to reduce pain and discomfort in the abdomen, stomach and GI tract.
  • Lemon balm: The healing herb that CALMS GAS AND BLOATING by moistening bowels and soothing the stomach.
  • Milk thistle: The scientifically proven herb that TAMES AND BUFFERS ACID by reducing stomach acid output and increasing antacid buffering power.
  • Chamomile: The ancient herb proven by modern science to RELIEVE STOMACH ACHES and tame cramping and gut pain.
  • Peppermint: The healing herb that CALMS THE GUT AND STOMACH and improves bile for better fat digestion.
  • Licorice: The STOMACH GUARDIAN AND ACID/HEARTBURN CONTROLLER that protects the mucosal lining of your stomach.
  • Marshmallow root: The powerful herb that SOOTHES AND MOISTENS YOUR INTESTINAL LINING to ease burning and protect against acid.
  • Ginger: The remarkable herb that TAMES NAUSEA, improves stomach motility and protects your stomach and colon.
  • Fennel: The BELLY COMFORTER AND GAS REDUCER proven to ease cramping, gas and bloating.
  • Genetian root: The ancient herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine that AIDS AND IMPROVES DIGSTION by boosting liver and gallbladder function

Add in all up and…

A Few Drops A Day of Digestive Freedom PLUS Can Put An End To Your Worst Digestive or GI Problems

Even though Digestive Freedom PLUS is new, it has been a huge hit among people drinking it. Why?

For these reasons…

  • It’s easy: Just put a few drops into a cup of 2-4 oz. of water or juice, and drink it each day. That’s it! Drink it before a meal and ease (even end) your worst digestive or GI problems.

    No more taking fistfuls of supplements — one for acid issues, another for constipation, one for heartburn, yet another for indigestion, one for cramping, one for gas. Nothing’s easier than one glass a day.

  • It’s quick: Because it’s a liquid tonic and not a pill, it works faster. When these herbs come into contact with your mouth, they stimulate saliva and stomach digestive juices almost immediately — so you don’t have to wait for a pill to be digested.

    This is why some of my patients drinking Digestive Freedom PLUS report fast results. Less gas, less bloating, less indigestion in as little as 10 minutes — not weeks or months.

  • It’s natural: The baker’s dozen of ingredients are all healing herbs from nature’s medicine chest. Gentle and all natural.

    No more worrying about damaging your gut lining or becoming reliant on harsh, unnatural digestive “solutions.” No more fear of harmful side effects that do more damage than good. Just eliminating your digestive problems safely and naturally. Now that’s peace of mind.

  • It’s inexpensive: If you went out and bought the baker’s dozen of premium herbs found in Digestive Freedom PLUS (that is, if you could find them all), you would spend over $200 for a one-month supply. Not to mention, you’d have to take a fistful of pills every day.

Yet now, special arrangements have been made for you to…

Try Digestive Freedom PLUS at a Small Fraction of the Cost and You’ll Get 2 FREE Bottles to Boot

Because of the unprecedented and overwhelming success of the new Digestive Freedom PLUS, we at Patriot Health Alliance want to make it available to as many people as possible.

This is why you can try our five bottle “Best Deal.” It includes…

That’s five bottles for the price of three. A 40% savings and just 99 cents per serving.

But there is one catch…

Because of the huge demand for Digestive Freedom PLUS, I’m asking that you limit your order to no more than five bottles right now. We’ve had a “run” on inventory and only have 7,000 bottles in stock right now — and they will go quickly.

I want to make sure everybody — including you — gets a fair chance at easing (even eliminating) common digestive or GI problems.

When you order five bottle for the price of three, you will be nicely rewarded because…

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Results have been so good, we’ve made Patriot Power Greens available to the general public — and response has been off the charts.

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Guarantee # 1: 100% Money-Back, Lifetime Guarantee

I’m so sure that once you try Digestive Freedom PLUS, your digestive or GI problems will dramatically improve.

In no time flat, you’ll have less acid issues, less heartburn, less constipation, less indigestion, less bloating, less cramping, less stomach or abdominal pain and less discomfort. And you’ll soon be able to enjoy your favorite foods again without worry of fullness, nausea, stomach ache or digestive distress.

Yet if you’re not satisfied with the results of Digestive Freedom PLUS, just send back the bottles, and you’ll get a prompt 100% refund on every penny you spent.

NOTE: You may request a refund anytime — for life! This is NOT a 60-day or 90-day limited guarantee, but a 100% LIFETIME guarantee. That’s how sure I am Digestive Freedom PLUS will work wonders for you.

Bottom line: If you’re not 100% thrilled for any reason or for no reason at all, simply send the bottles back, and we’ll cheerfully give you 100% of your money back.

Jeff Reagan,
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So here’s how this works…

Order Digestive Freedom PLUS and give it a fair shake.

If after using it as directed, you don’t feel a significant improvement in your digestive or GI system…

Just send back your unused bottles along with a simple one-page note telling me your experience and frank feedback on the product.

A simple handwritten note included in the box with the unused bottles will do.

What will you get? DOUBLE your money back!

Like Guarantee #1, this is a LIFETIME guarantee and you can keep all the FREE bonus gifts you’ve received.

That’s how sure we are that you WILL get the best relief you’ve ever felt for your digestive problems.

Jeff Reagan,
Founder of Patriot Health Alliance

Why would Jeff and I stand behind such an unheard-of guarantee?

That’s how sure we are that once you try Digestive Freedom PLUS, you’ll love the safe, natural relief it gives you for the most troubling GI problems.

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New Research Warns That Digestive Problems Worsen as You Age

Michigan Health warns, “As you get older, new stomach symptoms — as well as more serious digestive disorders — can crop up… our stomachs produce less acid… the muscles in your gastrointestinal tract, including the esophagus and bowel, can slow down… and muscle contractions that move food slow down.”

Today’s Dietitian adds, “As we grow older, digestive symptoms such as dyspepsia, constipation, bloating and flatulence become multifactorial.”

Everyday Health warns that “With age, many bodily functions slow down, including your digestive system…Digestive problems that occur as you age include heartburn, peptic ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, irritable bowels, fecal incontinence and reflux [problems].”

But the best news of all is… You can address your most troubling digestive or GI problems and…

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May I ask you an important question?

How would you feel if you could ease (even end)…

  • Acid issues
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Heartburn
  • Irritated bowels
  • Stomach pain or burning
  • Gas and nausea…

And get back to enjoying all the good times and good food with family and friends without worry about paying the price and without suffering?

You know you’d feel GREAT!

Even more, how would it make you feel to know you’re getting an amazing blend of herbs in one unique liquid tonic for an unbelievable deal?

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Dr. Lane Sebring, M.D.

Medical doctor & Proud Air Force Veteran

P.S. Don’t forget. Your “best deal” order includes 2 FREE bottles of Digestive Freedom PLUS (meaning you get five bottles for the price of three — that’s a 40% savings and the lowest price per bottle). Plus six FREE Bonus Gifts totaling $75.

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“This past spring my digestive system started complaining a lot. I tried Digestive Freedom PLUS yesterday for the 1st time and no more complaints from my stomach.”

– Dwight Pataconi

“Ever since I started taking Digestive Freedom PLUS, all of my stomach issues have gone away. I am so happy with this product and have recommended it to my friends.”

– Sharon DeMarc, Florida

Digestive Freedom PLUS is working really well and calmed my digestive system.”

– Lu Reichman, Oklahoma

“I love Digestive Freedom PLUS. I used to make Tums 2-6 times a day. Since taking Digestive Freedom PLUS, I haven’t touched Tums.”

– Julie Couch, North Carolina


“As a naturopath, my training has shown me that so many of life’s ills have a path through the gut. Your gut is a command center, and when it gets off track, the dominos start to fall.

Far too many Americans are suffering needlessly, when you consider the many ways we can address and fix these problems naturally. Digestion is complex. But Digestive Freedom PLUS is up to the task, targeting both the well-known and often overlooked aspects of digestion—at the same time.”

Dr. Arlan Cage
Naturopathic Doctor

*Individual results may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digestive Freedom PLUS

Q: What makes Digestive Freedom PLUS better than other digestive or GI solutions?

A: Other remedies such as probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbal laxatives or colon cleansers are single shot solutions that work one way in one part of your digestive/GI tract. You’d have to take them all to experience a complete solution.

Digestive Freedom PLUS is multi-action and multi-target working in your whole digestive tract and triggering all the healing mechanisms you need for relief… in a single liquid tonic.

Q: How often do I need to drink it?

A: Once a day before a meal. 20 drops into 2-4 oz. glass of water or juice. It’s that easy

Q: What size is the bottle?

A: 30 servings in a 2 oz. bottle. If you drink it once a day, it’s a month’s supply

Q: How does Digestive Freedom PLUS taste?

A: It has a minty, herbal flavor, easy on the palate. Jane Magnan of California puts it this way…

Digestive Freedom PLUS has a very good taste.”

Q: Does Digestive Freedom PLUS contain alcohol?

A: Yes, but only a minuscule amount. Just 1/100th of an ounce per serving. The alcohol is used as a way to help preserve the herbal ingredients. Herbalists have used alcohol in this manner for centuries.

Q: How soon could I see results?

A: Since Digestive Freedom PLUS is a liquid tonic, when its unique herbs come into contact with your mouth, they stimulate saliva and stomach digestive juices. This starts a healthy digestive process faster than taking a pill.

This is why some of my patients have gotten relief in as little as 10 minutes—not having to wait weeks or months for relief.

Q: Which countries do you ship to?

A: We are currently ship to locations in the United States and Canada. No other locations at this time.

Q: How long will it take to ship?

A: Your order will be shipped out within 24 hours and will arrive within 5 to 7 business days (for U.S. and Canadian locations).

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the results?

A: No problem. Your order is protected by two money-back guarantees…

A 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee: just send any unused bottles back, anytime, for a prompt, full refund of every penny you’ve spent).

A 200% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee: try this liquid herbal tonic, and if you’re not happy, send back any unused bottles with a note describing your experience drinking it, and you’ll get DOUBLE your money back. No questions asked.

In either case, all FREE Gifts are yours to keep. So you risk nothing.

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