Breaking: New Discovery of “Secret Organ” Could Support Healthy Blood Pressure, Improve Circulation, Boost Libido…
and Deliver All Day Energy

Plus, see this Air Force doctor’s “14 second fix” that ensures this organ is working for you… instead of putting your health at risk…

Hi, I’m Dr. Lane Sebring.

And inside this highly controversial presentation…

I’m going to show how you can dramatically boost the blood flow in your body… almost instantly.

Causing this to happen… in as fast as 14 seconds.

Thermographic image shows blood flow before and after using this simple solution…

Yes, you read that right…

I’m going to show you simple and natural “14 Second Solution” for ensuring your blood circulation is flowing like a mighty river…

Which could have a huge impact in helping you quickly and naturally:

  • Support healthy blood pressure
  • Safeguard your cardiovascular health

And more importantly…

It doesn’t require a prescription or any expensive doctor’s visits.

It works by reviving a secret organ hidden inside the human body.

It’s What Medical Experts Are Calling The “Hidden Vitality Organ”

Dr. Lane Sebring M.D. is a licensed medical doctor in private practice in Wimberley, Texas. He specializes in using holistic anti-aging therapies and also serves as board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. His list of patients includes world-leading doctors, tennis superstars, and even former governors. Dr. Sebring is also an Air Force Veteran and a life-long conservative.

Because even though it may be hidden…

It impacts virtually every part of your health, especially your sex drive, and blood flow to your heart and brain.

In fact, it acts as a “thermostat” for your blood pressure and directly regulates it.

It’s not your heart, your brain, your liver or anything else you’re probably imagining right now.

And if you’re like most folks…

Your doctor has never told you about this secret vital organ.

That’s because until very recently, the medical world didn’t know it exists.

Yet since I stumbled upon it…

It’s completely revolutionized my medical practice right here in Wimberley, Texas.

It’s Allowed Many of My Patients To “Turn Back the Clock” On Their Health and Have “All Day” Energy

That’s why I want to share with you everything I know about the Hidden Vitality Organ.

And get the word out about the “biggest health discovery of the century.”

In the next few minutes…

I’m going to show you how you can use this organ to support healthy blood pressure, improve your circulation, and boost your sex drive.

Plus, you’ll see a simple at-home test you can do to immediately know if it’s working for you…

Or if it’s putting you or a loved one’s health at risk.

But don’t worry…

I’m Also Going to Share the Easy and Simple Fix That Immediately Revives This Organ

It brings you (and your vitality) back to life.

A natural solution inspired by the unusually healthy seniors of a small secluded Greek Island…

Where people live healthy lives beyond 100 years old…

And have some of the lowest instances of blood pressure and cardiovascular concerns on the planet…

In a small secluded Greek island in the Mediterranean, a natural solution has been found to revive your Hidden Vitality Organ

Not only will I show you their secret…

You’ll also hear of the deeply personal story of how I came across this incredible discovery…

And how ever since, it’s helped transform the lives of thousands of men and women of all ages…

Helping them promote healthy blood flow and support healthy blood pressure naturally.

Even Though This Goes Against Almost Everything Mainstream Medicine and Other Doctors Have Told You…

It’s backed by 30 years of clinical studies… that prove everything inside this report.

Including breakthrough scientific research that won The Nobel Prize in 1998. Which I’ll show you in a minute…

  • So if you want to support healthy blood pressure…
  • Or if you suffer from shortness of breath or low libido…
  • Or your hands and feet are always cold (even during the summer)…
  • Or if you just want to have more energy and vitality…

Then this report could be the most important thing you read all year.

But It’s Urgent That You Do Read This Right Now, Because It Could Be Your Only Chance…

It’s likely some powerful interests are FURIOUS about this presentation.

They’re afraid that because the solution you’re about to see is 100% natural…

And completely safe and non-habit forming…

It could cost them billions of dollars in lost profit… practically overnight.

Which is why I can’t guarantee how long this website will be online.

So it’s absolutely crucial you read this report right now while there’s still time and it’s still online.

Because when you do, not only will you know how to take control of your blood pressure naturally and quickly…

But you could be well on your way to enjoying more health, vitality, and energy when your blood is flowing freely throughout your entire body.

Just like the thousands of folks who’ve used the solution you’re just a few minutes away from discovering for yourself.

“I noticed improved circulation in my hands. My husband reports improved stamina and increased circulation as well.

As a woman... I found the increased circulation a definite benefit in the bedroom!”

- Tammy S.

“My arteries are that of a 39-year-old.

Arterial thickness is excellent, in my doctor’s words. Thank you!”

- Maria T.

“Very surprised by the improvement in sexual performance... I was not expecting any change there...”

- Jim G. from Baltimore, MD

So as I Mentioned Before, I’m Dr. Lane Sebring M.D

I received my board certification in 1994 in family medicine. I’m a U.S. Air Force Veteran, and medical researcher.

I served 7 years as a board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

For 22 years I’ve treated thousands of patients in my private concierge clinic, right here in Wimberley, Texas.

Including military veterans like myself, professional athletes, U.S. Governors…

And every day folks just like you.

I’m also known as the “doctor other doctors go to.”


Because I recognize there are limits to medical science. Medical school only gives us doctors a limited number of tools for our tool box which leaves us at disadvantage when it comes to truly helping folks get well.

And I’ve made it my mission to use whatever I can to help people find real wellness. Not just target symptoms or feed the industrial medical machine.

As you’ll see in just a moment, it’s helped my patients when mainstream medicine has FAILED them.

Years Spent Serving Our Country as a Technician in The Air Force Taught Me One Big Lesson…

In order to truly fix a problem, you have to go directly the heart of it.

And I’ve carried that discipline into my medical practice.

It’s impacted the way I look at the human body, the way I treat conditions, and my use of medicine.

In just a moment, I’m going to give you the very same advice I give to my patients here Texas stay healthy and vibrant at any age…

I’m also going to reveal what I believe to be the biggest health discovery since penicillin – the hidden vitality organ.

I’ll show you everything I know about it.

How it controls your blood pressure, sex drive, energy levels, and impacts every part of your health.

Plus, I’ll show you the simple steps you can take today to guarantee it’s working like it should… well into your 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.

It’s the same advice many of my patients have used to heal themselves naturally.

But before I do that…

Let Me Tell You the Story of The Patient Who Changed Everything for Me

We’ll call him “Phil.”

It was 2010, and I was in my 14th year of private medical practice.

And right in the middle of my tenure as board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

One day, my good friend and patient, “Phil,” came into my clinic.

Phil was in his late 50’s…

And like me, had served our country in the Air Force.

But he didn’t seem unhealthy at all.

In fact, I’d always known him to be very active.

I was confused why he was there… so I asked him why he came in.

“I Don’t Know What’s Happening to Me,”
He Said…

“I’ve had a lot of fatigue and practically no stamina. My hands and feet are always ice cold. And my sex drive is in the gutter…”

“I’ve been to 3 specialists but nothing they’ve done has helped.”

I did some tests to see how his circulation was…

And he was right… he could definitely benefit from improving it.

“My wife, Cheryl, is really worried. She keeps telling me she’s never seen me like this.”

It was strange…

Here was this combat veteran, a man who had fearlessly flown bombers…

Who was now looking at me with tears welling up in his eyes.

Phil was genuinely concerned about his health.

I wanted to tell him that his wife was wrong. And that everything would be alright…

But the Truth Was Phil’s Circulation Was Far from Perfect

Which was odd because he seemed healthy on the outside…

And he told me he worked out every day, ate a healthy diet, and avoided salty foods.

However, I told him I would do everything I could to help… 

But I also made it clear I couldn’t guarantee anything.

So, I started to do some research into the root causes of circulation and blood flow issues…

But I was quickly let down by the conventional medical wisdom.

And when I asked several other doctors about it… they didn’t know either.

That’s when I realized the problem was a lot bigger than I originally thought.

Honestly, I was hesitant to continue researching.

It was taking me away from my practice, consuming precious minutes of my spare time… and I wasn’t learning anything that could help me help Phil.

But Phil’s wife kept emailing and calling me to see if I had come across anything.

So I dug deeper. And I thank God I did…

After Hours of Research, I Came Across Something Extraordinary…

It’s what I call the “Hidden Vitality Organ.”

The medical name for it is the “Endothelium.”

And the reason I say it’s “hidden” is because it’s very thin. Hardly noticeable even under a microscope. It’s just one cell thick.

But even though it may seem pretty insignificant, it’s absolutely vital for healthy blood pressure.

And important for having proper blood flow to your heart, brain, genitals, along with practically every part of the body.

In fact, Harvard Medical School researchers agree, saying that it’s “every bit as active as any other organ in the body."

That’s because the Endothelium lines all of your blood vessels – from the large coronary arteries to the smallest capillaries that extend into the tips of your fingers.

Even though it’s very thin, it’s actually the largest organ in the body.

If you laid all the cells of your Endothelium side by side, you could cover a whole football field!

Keep reading to see why the Endothelium is vital for healthy blood pressure…

But That’s Not What Makes It So Vital for Your Health…

You see, as I poured over dozens of studies about the Endothelium…

I discovered that it has one huge critical function in the body.

And that is to produce a special molecule called Nitric Oxide.

As you’ll see for yourself in just a moment, Nitric Oxide might be the most important molecule ever discovered.

Because it determines whether or not you have healthy blood flow throughout your body.

And directly controls blood pressure…

It acts as your body’s “blood pressure thermostat.”

In fact, since its discovery in 1998, it’s begun to transform medicine in ways I never thought possible.

Which is why it won The Nobel Prize.

And earned its well-deserved nickname as your body’s “Miracle Molecule.”

How Nitric Oxide Works Is Absolutely Brilliant…

It “signals” your blood vessels, arteries and other parts of your vascular system to relax.

And as a result, blood vessel walls open wider…

The wider your blood vessels, the better the blood flow, and the healthier your blood pressure

And blood circulation immediately increases.

This can help support blood pressure to stay in its healthy range.

In other words: just like the handle of your kitchen water faucet controls water flow, your endothelium and the nitric oxide it manufactures…

Regulate blood pressure and circulation in your body.

But There’s One Big Problem…

And that’s if your Endothelium is dysfunctional…

It doesn’t produce enough Nitric Oxide.

Which means you get NONE of the life-saving benefits I’ve just shared with you.

What’s worse is if you’re over the age of 40, chances are your Endothelium may be very dysfunctional.

A recent study published in the Journal of Global Cardiology & Practice showed that risk of Endothelium Dysfunction skyrockets as you age.

The study also showed other risk factors include being overweight, overstressed, and sleep deprived.

Not only that…

But certain prescription medications can actually damage your Endothelium, further increasing your risk.

And as you’ve already learned, if you have concerns about maintaining healthy blood pressure...

Or if you experience shortness of breath, fatigue…

Or you have cold hands and feet (even in the summer)...

It could be a sign your Endothelium is VERY dysfunctional.

The more I read the clinical peer-reviewed studies, the more I realized that blood pressure and circulation concerns, like low libido and brain fog…

All stem from a dysfunctional Endothelium… one that’s not producing enough Nitric Oxide.

And that supporting healthy blood pressure & boosting circulation is…

A Matter of Helping Your Endothelium and Increasing Nitric Oxide Levels

At this point, I was curious to measure Phil’s Nitric Oxide levels.

So I invited him back to my clinic, where I had him take a simple at-home test that could instantly reveal his Nitric Oxide levels.

In a moment, I’ll share with you the exact same at-home test you can do today to see if you’re running low on Nitric Oxide.

But for now, you should know that Phil’s test results showed he had very low levels of Nitric Oxide.

I immediately knew a dysfunctional endothelium was at the heart of his problem.

That’s when I began to wonder…

How Do You Treat a Dysfunctional Endothelium and Produce More Nitric Oxide?

My first thought was that maybe it could be fixed with proper diet and exercise.

But while both of those things can be incredibly beneficial for your overall health…

I knew Phil was already eating a well-balanced diet and was working out several times a week.

So repairing the Endothelium and boosting Nitric Oxide is more than just a question of getting more exercise and eating healthier.

After several more months of research, and having nothing to show for it…

I began to worry I was never going to find the right help for Phil.

One Monday morning in February, however, I met a doctor friend for coffee and my luck took a dramatic turn for the better.

I began sharing how I had been trying to help Phil for months. And how I felt like a complete fraud…

Because I wasn’t helping his situation.

But then he told me something that would change everything I thought I knew about medicine.

And lead me directly to the incredible breakthrough I’ll share with you in a moment.

You see, my doctor friend shared with me an astonishing new study…

About a small secluded Greek Island called Ikaria.

He Said “It’s A ‘Blue Zone.’ Where People Live to 100 Years Old or Longer”

And that it was 1 of only 5 regions on the planet like it.

“Ikaria has the highest percentage of 90-year-olds on the planet. And they live longer with healthier hearts and strong and sharp minds,” he said.

I knew I needed to take a closer look into Ikaria.

I did and I was blown away…

I uncovered that they also have some of the lowest instances of poor blood pressure in the world.

I was amazed to see how even though many of the citizens of Ikaria live beyond 100, they still enjoy active and social lives.

Many of them maintaining gardens and tending small farms until the day they die.

What’s Their Secret?

In order to find out, I researched everything I could about the people of Ikaria.

Specifically, how they live and what they eat…

And I was shocked to discover they drink wine every day, eat cheese and fatty pieces of meat in almost every meal, and indulge in delicious breads and pastries.

A typical lunch in Ikaria

Yet despite all of that, it seemed like Ikaria was home to the healthiest seniors on the planet.

And from what I could tell they don’t suffer from Endothelium Dysfunction or low Nitric Oxide levels.

How Could They Be So Healthy and Live So Long with What Most Doctors in America Would Call “An Early Grave Diet?”

Surprisingly, not only would I find the answer buried deep inside an obscure research paper…

But I would also discover the key to developing the breakthrough blood flow solution you’ll see in a moment.

This research paper showed me the folks of Ikaria eat a special leafy green vegetable that makes up half of their dietary intake.

It’s called Horta.

When I investigated Horta, I discovered it contains shockingly high levels of two compounds: Nitrates and Nitrites.

What’s absolutely incredible is that according to new clinical studies, including a 2016 study from the Journal of Hypertension…

Nitrites and Nitrates are directly associated with promoting the health and function of your Endothelium.

On top of that, they have been shown to significantly boost Nitric Oxide levels.

Seeing that last study really got me amped up about Horta’s potential for my patients… especially Phil.

And I was ready to go to the grocery store and load up on as much of it as I could.

But When I Found Out It’s Practically Impossible to Get Horta Here in the US…

I worried I might never be able to help Phil…

I could have given up there. Then I remembered Matthew 7:7 from the Bible:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

So I kept “knocking” and praying for answers.

One Morning, A Light Bulb Went Off Inside My Head

Maybe there are ingredients here in America that might have nutritional similarities to Horta? I wondered.

So, yet again, I turned back to my research…

But this time I took a different approach.

Instead of just looking at the Endothelium and Nitric Oxide, I looked into nutrition studies.

Specifically studies that showed ingredients proven to be loaded with Nitrates and Nitrites… the 2 nutrients scientifically shown to boost Nitric Oxide Levels.

As A Result, I Came Across 2 Very Promising Ingredients…

The first ingredient is Beet Root.

It turns out, Beet Root contains potent amounts of Nitrates and Nitrites…

Plus, studies show Beet Root to be very effective.

For example, in a 2016 randomized study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension…

Scientists found Beet Root to be “effective in improving Endothelial Function.”

And they also showed it to significantly support healthy “systolic and diastolic BP (Blood Pressure).”

Meanwhile, in 2018 study from Southern Methodist University in Dallas…

Scientists were shocked to discover that within 45 minutes of drinking raw beet root juice Nitric Oxide levels “increased by 21.3%.”

On top of that, a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study from the Journal of Hypertension…

Revealed drinking beet root juice improved Endothelial Function by 20%. And reduced arterial stiffness.

The researchers in charge of the study concluded Beet Root was a safe and effective way to support healthy blood pressure.

The Second Ingredient Is Actually Another Common Food Eaten by The Healthy 100-Year-Old Folks of Ikaria

It’s a wild berry they use in delicious pie desserts, as well as in jams and jellies.

It’s called Hawthorn Berry. And it just so happens to also grow right here in America.

I looked into Hawthorn Berry and was astonished to find it’s been medicinally used for thousands of years.

In fact, it’s been used since the Biblical Times… according to Biblical Scholars, the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head when he was crucified, was from the Hawthorn Tree.

But I was even more amazed when I saw the evidence supporting…

Hawthorn Berry’s Ability to Keep Your Blood Pressure Healthy

For example, studies show nutrients inside Hawthorn Berry to also quickly boost Nitric Oxide Levels.

In one study, a double-blind and placebo-controlled trial…

Researchers observed Hawthorn Berry to cause a “significant reduction” in diastolic blood pressure in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Now at this point I was really excited…

I had come across two ingredients proven to support the health of your Endothelium, boost its ability to produce Nitric Oxide, and help support healthy blood pressure.

Plus, they were helping the Ikarians live long and healthy lives…

Avoid many of the health challenges that plague Americans…

And do so without excessive doctor’s visits and without giving up their favorite foods.

Beaming with new hope, I called Phil.

I told him about people of Ikaria who don’t suffer from poor blood pressure…

The natural ingredients that made it possible…

And all of the science behind them.

“Phil, I don’t want you to get too excited here, but if what the clinical studies show is in fact true, then these ingredients inspired by Ikarians could be game changing for you.” I said.

I could tell Phil was excited to hear the good news…

“I know there’s science backing these ingredients, but I don’t want you get your hopes up.”

Even though I wanted to manage Phil’s expectations…

Deep down I knew this was going to be big.

I was confident drinking a mix of beetroot and hawthorn juice would work for him.

So that’s what Phil started to do.

Weeks Passed By, and the Big Day Arrived…

Phil walked into my office with a big grin on his face.

He said “Hit me doc! I’m ready!”

I wrapped the blood pressure device around his arm…

Positioned my stethoscope. And I took a deep breath…

This was the moment of truth.

“My God…” I blurted out in disbelief.

Phil’s blood pressure hadn’t changed.

“Did you drink the juice every day?” I asked.

Phil said “Of course I did. I’ve been pissing red for 3 weeks. And how could I forget when my wife reminds me every day? I kept it all organic too, which by the way hasn’t been cheap.”

I didn’t understand what had gone wrong.

All I could say was…

“Sorry Phil, I’m not sure what happened.”

I felt horrible. I felt like I had let Phil and his wife down.

But I was clueless as to why the Beet Root Juice wasn’t doing anything for his blood pressure.

And I would have given up on my hunt for answers if it weren’t for a startling call from Phil’s wife...

“I’m really scared. You’ve got to keep trying to help Phil. He’s my husband. And he’s your friend… Please, do something. Anything!” I remember her telling me.

That call was a good reminder that I couldn’t give up so easily.

And if serving our country in the Air Force taught me anything…

It was to persevere no matter what.

So, I returned to my research findings and reviewed them more carefully.

I looked even deeper into the nutrients you get from Beet Root and Hawthorn Berry.

And What I Uncovered Sent Chills Up My Spine. It Was Very Disturbing…

You see, ever since the 1950’s…

Industrial farming methods here in the United States have destroyed the nutrient levels in your fruits and veggies.

Sadly, this has ripped away the essential vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

And has robbed you from getting the nutrition you need.

According to a major study, published in The Scientific American…

Since 1951, potatoes have lost “100% of their Vitamin A”, a nutrient important for eyesight.

And you’d have to eat 8 oranges to get the same amount of Vitamin C our grandparents got from just 1 orange!

I was even more horrified to uncover that…

This Is Ruining Virtually Every Single Fruit and Veggie You Find at Your Supermarket

Including Beet Roots and Hawthorn Berries. Yes, even if they are organic…

In other words: today in America, the fruits and veggies we have access to aren’t even half as nutritious as they were just a few decades ago.

And they certainly aren’t as nutritious as the fruits and veggies that grow on the island of Ikaria.

It really disturbed me to think that the lack of nutrients inside fruits and veggies might also be stopping the Beet Root Juice from being effective.

Making it unable to help lower Phil’s blood pressure.

But then something clicked for me...

I remembered that in the Air Force fighter pilots were given what we called “survival packs.”

Which contained extracts of fruits and veggies.

These extracts packed in a high concentration of nutrients.

So that they could give pilots nutrition needed to survive if they were shot down and stranded in the middle of the desert.

That’s When My “Aha Moment” Happened

I realized the solution to the problem might have to do with the survival packs we used in the Air Force over 22 years ago.

More specifically, the extracts of fruits and veggies those packs contained.

I figured that because extracts are a high concentration of fruits and veggies…

They might be able to provide significantly more nutrients than you get from the modern food supply.

At this point, I was really excited because if my hunch was right…

Then it could potentially mean Phil, along with my other patients, could get the sufficient amount of nutrients needed to make positive impact.

Which could help support healthy blood pressure, libido, and circulation.

The only questions I had were…

How Do You Get the Best Natural Extracts?

And were there any reputable Beet Root and Hawthorn Berry products out there already?

I mean, I knew there were plenty of supplements that contained extracts out on the market…

But I was very hesitant to recommend them.

Because to my knowledge, none of them met my very high standards.

Which was that:

  • It had to be made from proven and all-natural ingredients.
  • It had to be completely free of any allergens like gluten or soy. And couldn’t contain artificial additives.
  • It had to be made in the USA in CGMP certified facility that followed the FDA’s strict quality and safety requirements.

I looked long and hard for a product that met my difficult standards and contained Beet Root and Hawthorn Berry extracts…

But I couldn’t find anything.

Fortunately, Something Incredible Happened…

While at a medical conference up in Austin, Texas, just 30 minutes north of my clinic, I had a chance encounter.

It led me to a game changing solution for Phil, my other patients and thousands of other Americans.

Call it luck, fate, God’s divine intervention or whatever you want…

But I met a group of scientists, PhD nutritionists and doctors who were developing a unique way to boost Nitric Oxide levels in the body.

Coincidentally, their solution involved using Beet Root and Hawthorn Berry.

Plus, their formula went even further…

These include:

  • L-Citrulline: a rare amino acid that supports the health of your Endothelium, which uses it to make even more blood-pressure-lowering Nitric Oxide.
  • Sodium Nitrite: a special compound that some medical experts call a “Nitric Oxide Supercharger” because it supercharges the body’s ability to produce even more Nitric Oxide.
  • Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Magnesium: three nutrients most folks with poor blood pressure, circulation problems and low libido have in short supply.

What’s even more remarkable is they had a patented process that ensures their formula contains potent amounts of each of the ingredients.

Because it’s patented, I’m not legally allowed to give you too many details.

But what I can tell you is that it’s light-years beyond anything else I’d seen before… or since.

The Real Surprise Came When I Saw the Results of the
Clinical Trial

It was a randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study – the gold standard in clinical research.

And it was led by world renowned cardiologist, Dr. Ernst Schwarz.

Dr. Schwarz’s study completely shocked him…

He found that folks who took the formula for just 30 days saw a “12 mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure and 6 mmHg reduction in diastolic pressure.”

And were able “to walk 55 meters farther than before taking the supplement.”

At this point, I was ready to grab it for Phil and my other patients to see if it could truly help them support healthy blood pressure like the clinical study was showing.

But the group of scientists behind the formula proceeded to show me something that was even more remarkable…

Something that completely blew me away.

They invited me to their lab, where they were actively testing and tweaking the formula to constantly improve it.

Part of that process required seeing the results in real time.

And they were doing that by using a heat map camera that detects increases in blood flow.

They gave a single dose of the formula to a patient and…

Miraculously, Within Just 14 Seconds His Circulation Dramatically Improved

My jaw dropped when I looked at the screen and saw this:

The red on the heat map screen indicated significantly boosted blood flow.

Which is proof blood circulation had increased and Nitric Oxide levels had skyrocketed.

And may be a good indicator that healthy blood pressure was supported.

This was a profound moment for me…

Because it showed me undeniable evidence, real proof, that it’s possible to boost Nitric Oxide naturally…

Significantly increasing blood circulation throughout the body in as little as 14 seconds!

But my only questions were...

Could It Help Phil?

And could it also help my patients with low libido, cold hands & feet and brain fog?

So, I grabbed some of the formula to give to Phil and my other patients.

It was by no means cheap, but I figured even if it only provided half the results I’d seen in the heat map lab…

Then it would be well worth the investment.  

However before giving it to Phil or my other patients, I needed to take it myself.

That way I could be 100% comfortable in recommending it to them.

So, one morning I took one dissolvable tablet.

The first thing I noticed was how it had a pleasant sweet flavor… it tasted like delicious berries.

It quickly dissolved inside my mouth… and within minutes, I could immediately feel a difference.

From My Head to My Toes, I Felt a Wave of Energy Wash Over My Entire Body

I continued to take the formula daily.

And I felt clearer headed than I had in years.

And my energy stores felt completely full all day long.

Then came the moment of truth…

I called Phil and told him that I had come across something incredible.

And that it might be able to help support healthy blood pressure.

To my surprise…

He was hesitant about it.

I guess, after seeing dozens of doctors and shopping and chopping and juicing and drinking gallons of awful beet concoctions… Phil was jaded.

But after telling him about all clinical science behind the formula…

And the undeniable proof I saw at the heat map lab…

And that because it was completely natural… it had no side effects…

He finally agreed to try it out.

A few weeks later, there we were in my office, measuring his blood pressure again...

Honestly, I was a little nervous…

In spite of seeing so much evidence, I guess I still questioned if the formula could truly help Phil’s blood pressure.

But when I finally took Phil’s reading, all of my doubt and disbelief instantly disappeared.

“I Can’t Believe It… You’ve Got the BP of a 20-Year-Old Kid!”

He was completely shocked!

Because he told me he hadn’t changed his diet, and was handling a stressful workload.

Yet his blood pressure told a different story!

Before long, I was recommending the incredible natural formula to everyone I believed could benefit from it.

And sure enough, within a very short time I was seeing dramatic results in virtually everyone who was using it.

Folks of all ages and backgrounds with all sorts of worries – from arousal issues to brain fog and cardiovascular concerns...

Were all significantly healthier because of the formula.

Folks like Daniel P. who said:

“I haven’t had blood pressure this good in over 30 years!

After just two weeks of daily use... my morning blood pressure is remarkable.”

Maria T. who said:

“My arteries are that of a 39-year-old. Arterial thickness is excellent, in my doctor’s words. Thank you!”

And Kelly S. says:

“I can feel my focus seriously improve… I can get done in ONE hour what would normally take TWO!”

Natalie H. says:

“My hands and feet were like ice cubes even in the summer! Once I started taking it daily, within 30 minutes… I was warmer!”

Plus, Ron W. says:

“I’m having more sex; my energy level is up and blood pressure is great!”

Seeing Such Amazing Results Made Me Realize I’d Stumbled Upon Something Truly Remarkable

A natural formula that could help a lot of folks:

  • Support healthy blood pressure levels
  • Improve circulation throughout the entire body
  • Boost libido and sex drive
  • Enhance brain function and memory
  • Provide “endless” energy that lasts all day (and actually helps you sleep better)

And most important…

Enjoy longer, happier and healthier lives just like the people from the island of Ikaria.

When the lab asked me to help them get the word out it was an absolute no-brainer for me… of course I said YES!

By the way I’m a doctor. I’m not a sales guy. I don’t just endorse any product.

However, this particular formula made such a profound impact not only on Phil’s life…

But it also improved the lives of countless other patients I’ve recommended it to.

That’s why I’m not only staking my name, but also my reputation on this incredible formula.

Introducing ActivOX Daily®

It’s called ActivOX Daily®, because when you take it every day it quickly stimulates Nitric Oxide production in your body.

So that blood circulation increases almost instantly.

And you could experience all the benefits that come with that like…

  • Healthy blood pressure
  • An improved sex drive
  • And more energy and stamina.

Because ActivOX Daily is 100% natural and works to fix the problem at its root…

Not only is completely safe, but it’s also very effective.

Each package of ActivOX Daily contains 30 tablets inside.

And every tablet contains the perfect amount of the proven ingredients I’ve shared with you inside this presentation.

Because I’ve personally seen the positive impact ActivOX Daily has had on so many of my patients’ lives…

I can confidently say that ActivOX Daily is the most remarkable blood circulation formula on the planet.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering…

How Can You Get Your Hands on ActivOX Daily Right Away?

Honestly, it’s actually still very difficult for the general public to get ActivOX Daily.

The reason is because its patented and proprietary formula is made in a state-of-the-art facility.

And includes potent forms of all of the ingredients you just learned about.

Which isn’t cheap to do.

Plus, combining these ingredients into a small, quickly dissolvable and delicious tasting tablet is expensive to do and requires a lot of time.

While you can try and get similar ingredients at your local supermarket…

Or try other supplements that claim to be just as effective…

They most likely won’t make a fraction of the difference these more potent, and scientifically proven forms could.

Which is why we’re always running short of supply.

On top of that…

Because ActivOX Daily works so well boosting your Nitric Oxide levels in a little as 14 seconds…

And helping promote blood circulation, along with supporting healthy blood pressure…

Pretty much everyone who tries it once keeps on asking for more.

In fact, many doctors are beginning to order in bulk so they can provide it to their elderly patients.

Which is putting even more of…

A Strain on Our Ability to Produce Enough ActivOX Daily

Especially since it can take up to 3 months to custom create each batch.

Plus, on top of all of that…

Because the ingredients inside ActivOX Daily are all-natural…

It doesn’t come with a bunch of side effects.

Instead these ingredients come with hundreds of side benefits, like:

  • Enhanced sex drive and stamina for significantly improved performance and “mind-blowing” pleasure in the bedroom
  • Healthy blood flow to the brain so you can focus more, think better, and access your memory with more ease
  • Triglyceride support for a healthier heart
  • Fighting inflammation on the cellular level
  • And having astonishing all-day energy and endurance that could make fatigue and exhaustion a forgotten memory.

Which is why folks who want maintain their total body health into their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond keep re-ordering ActivOX Daily.

So as a result of the fact that ActivOX Daily is expensive to create, takes up to 3 months to produce a single batch and keeps selling out...

We frequently don’t have any left to distribute.

But with that being said…

I also don’t want anyone to miss the incredible benefits when it comes to blood flow, intimacy and libido.

Especially given that there’s an easy, painless and proven solution that’s right in front of you.

And that you can use immediately to experience dramatic and long-lasting results.

Which is why in the next few minutes I’ll share how to quickly…

Get Your Hands on ActivOX Daily As Part of Our New “Perfect Blood Health Initiative”

But before that…

Allow me to take a few seconds to answer your other question.

Are there any concerns about how to get the best results from ActivOX Daily?

Well it’s actually very simple…

Just take one dissolvable, delicious berry-flavored tablet every day for at least 30 days or more.

And let it rapidly dissolve as it gets to work boosting your Nitric Oxide levels.

Now the reason it’s important you take ActivOX Daily for at least 30 days is pretty straightforward.

While the proven ingredients inside begin to work their magic right away…

Supporting the health and function of your Endothelium, rapidly boosting Nitric Oxide levels and helping improve blood circulation…

It’s Best to Look at ActivOX Daily as Your Daily Blood Health Formula…

Something you make part of your normal, everyday routine. Much in the same way you would take a multivitamin.

Because the more you use it the more effective it could be.

It’s for that reason that I personally recommend you choose at least three packages of ActivOX Daily…

And six packages if you want to turn your blood flow concerns into a forgotten memory.

Then take it for at least 90 days or more…

That way you can be absolutely confident you’re doing everything possible to naturally support healthy blood pressure.

Just like over 6,594 folks before you…

People Who’ve Successfully Used ActivOX Daily to Boost Their Vitality, Transform Their Sex Life and Experience Health on the Next Level…

“I haven’t had blood pressure this good in over 30 years!

I’m doing so well using ActivOX Daily. After just two weeks of daily use... my morning blood pressure... is remarkable.” – Daniel P.

“I noticed I was sexually aroused, just like that!

My husband was very happy with this result and agreed I should keep taking ActivOX Daily.” – Robin S.

“With ActivOX Daily the results were amazing!” – Phyllis M., from Tampa, FL.

“I ordered ActivOX Daily and it's like a magic pill. I have pain on my left shoulder and leg. After I took the first pill, the pain was reduced by 50% within the first hour. It may sound far-fetched, but it did happen just like I said. ActivOX Daily is amazing and I take it every day. I feel better and better each and every day that I take it. I now give it to my mother and I see a slight improvement with her memory. I also give it to my sister who has foot pain. Thank you so much for coming up with this amazing product.” – Elaine H.

“I had only been using ActivOX for 3 weeks, and my shortness of breath is gone. Before I began use, I asked my doctor if I could take the supplement, and the doctor said, ‘By all means, there is nothing in there that could hurt you.’ I am scheduled for another EKG soon, but am confident that ActivOX has been the reason I am doing so well.” – Anonymous

These real-life testimonials are only a small sample of thousands of folks who trust ActivOX Daily to help them live happier, and healthier lives.

And I couldn’t be prouder to be playing a small part in helping folks live with more freedom to enjoy their favorite activities.

Like playing with their grandkids, gardening, playing golf, hunting or just spending more quality time with the people they love.

But I must give you a fair warning…

ActivOX Daily Is Only Available on This Website

We don’t know how long packages will be in stock for.

The truth is every time a natural remedy comes around that’s effective, safe and affordable…

Business interests see it as a threat to their stranglehold on the crooked healthcare system.

It’s my fear they might get their lobbyist friends infecting Washington D.C. to push legislation that limits access to natural products like ActivOX Daily.

And if that happens…

Folks who desperately need ActivOX Daily, wouldn’t be able to get it. Which makes me sick to even think about.

However, it’s my goal to not let that happen.

But I Also Don’t Want You to Wait to Act…

I want you to have the support for healthy blood pressure, your heart, your brain, your sex life, as well as virtually every other part of your health…

While there are still packages of ActivOX Daily left in stock.

There is no other product on the market that delivers the blood-flow-supporting-power contained inside each tablet of ActivOX Daily.

And there is no other solution that targets the root of the problem.

In my medical opinion, this makes ActivOX Daily your best chance for naturally supporting healthy blood pressure…

And experiencing all of the health benefits of increased blood circulation throughout your body.

Plus, using ActivOX Daily could help you protect your health both now and far in the future.

And it might end up being the key to staying independent as you age…

So that you’re energetic, mentally sharp and physically healthy well into your 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.

Of course that isn’t to say there aren’t alternatives out there.

But at best they’re a band aid solution to your health concerns.

The truth is they do almost nothing to correct the real problem beneath the surface: Endothelium Dysfunction.

Seeing that ActivOX Daily is so clearly superior…

You can understand why many folks said they were willing to invest as much as $250 when we first came out with ActivOX Daily…

And Considering Your Options, $250 Should Seem Like a Steal
to You

It’s a lot less than you’ll pay for doctors’ visits in a single year…

And considering that it’s very expensive and time consuming to create the patented ActivOX Daily that represents over 30 years of clinical research and Nobel Prize Winning Science… 

$250 for a full month’s supply really is a bargain.

Yet, despite all of that…

I can tell you that my goal here isn’t to make a ton of money.

Especially since the cost of the ingredients inside ActivOX Daily could keep rising each month.

Ultimately though, my goal is to help as many people as I can to live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Remember, helping people support healthy blood pressure is a mission that I’ve had since helping my patient, Phil…

And I look at ActivOX Daily an extension of that mission.

I’ve seen firsthand just how powerful ActivOX Daily is and I’m confident it will do wonders for your health and the health of the ones you love.

For That Reason, You Won’t Be Investing Anywhere Near $250

And you won’t even have to invest $150…

Or even $100.

Today I’d like to invite you to take advantage of the “Perfect Blood Health Initiative” and try ActivOX Daily at an incredible discount.

Through the “Perfect Blood Health Initiative” you can join the thousands of men and women before you…

And get your hands on ActivOX Daily for a one-time investment of just $69 per package!

With just a few dollars a day you could dramatically support healthy blood pressure…

And you could also help promote a healthy heart, better libido, boosted circulation and enhanced cognitive health.

But that’s just the beginning.

Because I realize that after you’ve tried ActivOX Daily…

You’ll want to continue experiencing the incredible benefits for months and years to come.

And I also realize you may want to share those health benefits with a loved one.

So I’ve created a special discounted multi-package-plan…

Where you get 6 packages of ActivOX Daily for only $49 per package for a total of $294. That saves you hundreds when you act right now.

But This Special Discounted Plan Is Only Being Offered to You Today…

Only through this website as part of our “Perfect Blood Health Initiative…”

And only while limited supplies last.

When we run out of ActivOX Daily, it could take up to 3 months before we have more.

So Choose The Money Saving Package That’s Best for You and
Your Family…

1 Box
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Plus, when you order our best deal within the next 5 minutes and…

I’m Also Going to Give You $78.84 Worth of FREE Gifts…

These powerful gifts will help you get the best results from ActivOX Daily.

FREE Gift #1: At-Home Nitric Oxide Test ($29.99 Value)

The first gift will almost instantly reveal your Nitric Oxide levels.

That way not only will you know when you’re running low…

But more importantly…

You’ll see firsthand the immediate impact ActivOX Daily could have in supporting healthy blood pressure and your cardiovascular health.

This safe, simple, and non-invasive at-home test includes patent-pending Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips.

Which are super easy to use… and even easier to read.

Folks love this simple at-home test because it gives them complete control over their Nitric Oxide levels…

And confidence that they’re doing everything possible to guarantee results.

FREE Gift #2: Your FREE Copy of “Nature’s Secret Healer: Nitric Oxide” ($19.95 Value)

“Nature’s Secret Healer: Nitric Oxide” represents thousands of hours of research on the best natural ways to further boost your Nitric Oxide Levels.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How to use delicious chocolate to help quickly lower blood pressure.
  • The Big Lie you should know before taking L-arginine supplements.
  • 7 Minute Nitric Oxide Recipes your family will love. Easy to prepare and only require just a handful of savory and inexpensive ingredients.
  • “Hacking Your Sleep” with Nitric Oxide for better and deeper rest. Plus, more energy for your day!

You’ll get all of this and so much more when you order ActivOX Daily right now.

FREE Gift #3: Your FREE Copy Of “Say YES To N-O” ($19.95 Value)

“Say YES to N-O” is another important health report. It’s packed full of meal plans and delicious recipes that could almost guarantee you immediate and long-lasting results.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The BEST vegetables for boosting your Nitric Oxide levels by as much as 298%!
  • The delicious citrus “Trick” for that ensures Nitric Oxide levels stay high… all day long.
  • How to use Nitric Oxide to completely ELIMINATE sugar cravings (hint: it’s surprisingly sweet!)  

Plus, you’ll also get 34 proven and delicious recipes that will help boost Nitric Oxide.

The best part is they’re inexpensive and only take a few minutes to prepare.

FREE Gift #4: FREE Shipping and Handling ($8.95 Value)

When you order 3 or 6 packages of ActivOX Daily, we’ll immediately upgrade your order to include shipping and handling free of charge.

FREE Gift #5: A Personal Donation on Your Behalf to Help Veterans and Their Families

As a U.S. Air Force Veteran, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles men and women in the armed forces face when they come back home.

And I personally believe it’s important we support the folks who defend our great nation and protect our liberty and freedom.

So when you invest in the 3- or 6-package options of ActivOX Daily part of the proceeds will be donated to support veterans and their families.

I realize it might be a small gesture, but I’m confident it can make a profound impact on their lives.

But again, I must warn you…

The Special Multi-Box Discount And $78.84 Worth of FREE Gifts Are Only Being Offered to You Today

And only while limited supplies last.

When the “Perfect Blood Health Initiative” ends… it ends for good.

The $78.84 worth of FREE Gifts disappear… and the price of ActivOX Daily goes back up.

So you’re probably wondering…

How do you take advantage of this deal before it goes away forever?

Well the answer is easy…

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After pressing that button, you’ll be taken to a safe and secure checkout page.

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Plus, you’ll get your FREE Gifts right away (today!) as a digital download.

That means you’re just a few minutes away from using these valuable resources to quickly boost your Nitric Oxide levels.

Plus, because these valuable gifts are digital reports meaning they can be used on your computer, smartphone, or tablet…

When you share them with your family, they’ll be proud of you for looking out for them too.

Choose the Option of ActivOX Daily That’s Best for You and Your Family

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Now I hope you realize this investment is an absolute no-brainer.

One that you can make with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Especially considering that…

Your Order Today Is Protected by My Lifetime 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

Which works like this…

Right now just say “maybe” to ActivOX Daily by placing your order.

Then once you get your packages in a few short days from now…

Start taking your tablets daily, and see how you feel.

If you’re like the thousands of folks who rave about the incredible effects of ActivOX Daily…

You might notice how you feel more energized and alert…

How you can focus more and feel more present throughout the day.

And you might notice how your sex life quickly improves too.

However, If for Any Reason You Change Your Mind About Today’s Investment…

Simply email or call our U.S. Based Customer Service Team 24/7 anytime in the future, and we’ll promptly and courteously refund 100% of your money back to you.

No questions asked. And no hassles.

Just good old-fashioned fairness and customer service.

Plus, you don’t even have to send back the packages of ActivOX Daily.

Because they are yours to keep!

My gift to you and my way of saying “thanks” for trusting in ActivOX Daily.

It’s also a demonstration of my confidence that ActivOX Daily can work for you.

No matter what you’ve tried in the past. And no matter how bad you may think your situation might be.

What This Means Is That I’m Taking on All the Risk for You

And you’ve got absolutely no downside here at all…

Making today’s investment 100% Risk Free.

Something you can decide is right for you after you’ve actually used ActivOX Daily to help support healthy blood pressure.

So you don’t have to decide right now…

Decide later by taking advantage of this Life-Time 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

And try ActivOX Daily for yourself today by clicking the button you see below right now.

Remember: This is a Life-Time Guarantee. It does not expire.

That means there’s no time limit on your guarantee that protects today’s investment.

Which provides you with unlimited time to try ActivOX Daily and see, experience and feel its incredible impact on your health.

But You Must Act Right Now…

So if you’re ready to quickly support healthy blood pressure, improve your cardiovascular health, and feel 10, 20 or 30 years younger…

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Right Now, You Might Feel You’re at A Crossroads…

And you’re facing two paths.

The first path?

Do nothing.

You can simply leave this site behind and ignore everything you’ve just learned.

And go about your life the way it was before you arrived here.

But if you choose to go down that path…

You can expect the same fear, confusion, frustration and discomfort that comes with poor blood pressure, poor circulation, brain fog and low energy.

The very same things that may have brought you to this website in the first place.

If you choose this path, you can expect to continue to wake up every morning fatigued, foggy headed…

And feeling powerless over your health.

Do you really want that for yourself?

Do you want that for your family?

Do you really want the path gets worse and worse every year?

I sure hope not.

Especially since there’s another path right in front of you.

A proven path paved by 6,594 men and women before you who have experienced the peace of mind and improved health that come when you take control of your blood pressure.

This proven path is ActivOX Daily.

And not only could it help you consistently boost your Nitric Oxide levels… every single day…

But it also puts you in control of your blood pressure and your cardiovascular health.

Will you take this path?

Imagine How Confident You’ll Feel Knowing You’re Boosting Your Nitric Oxide Levels Around the Clock…

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re finally in control of your blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

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You should feel confident about this… especially since you’ll be taking advantage of today’s incredible discount and getting $78.84 worth of free gifts.

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But if you leave this website and come back later, you may be forced to pay the full price for ActivOX Daily.

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That’s because when the “Perfect Blood Pressure Initiative” ends... it ends for good.

And we’ll be forced to raise the price for ActivOX Daily.

Act Right Now and Click the Button Below To Get Started

Again, my name is Dr. Lane Sebring. And I want to thank you for reading my presentation.

I hope you do what’s best for you and your family’s health.

God Bless,

Dr. Lane Sebring

Yes! I’m Ready to Finally Take Control of My Health!

1 Box
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6 Boxes
$294.00 (Best deal!)

*(Special Discounted Pricing Available for A Limited
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Frequently Asked Questions About ActivOX Daily

Q: How soon will I see benefits from ActivOX Daily?

A: If you use ActivOX Daily each day, you could start to notice benefits immediately, including more energy, stamina and greater circulation.

The good news is that the longer you use it, the more benefits you will start to see.

To boost the effectiveness as you begin to use ActivOX Daily, you may take 2 tablets daily (12 hours apart), during the initial 30-45 day loading phase. After 30-45 days, take only one tablet daily.

Q: Can I take ActivOX Daily with medications?

A: The patented ActivOX Daily formula is designed to help increase your nitric oxide levels.

Consult your physician prior to use if you are taking (1) Organic nitrate medications such as nitroglycerin or isosorbide, (2) Erectile dysfunction drugs, since the combination of the two may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure, (3) Blood thinner medications or (4) Medications related to lowering blood pressure.

Q: How many servings are in each box?

A: Each box has 30 lozenges, a basic one month supply. During the initial loading phase, you may elect to take 2 lozenges per day (12 hours apart) for the first 30-45 days. After that, the dosage is one lozenge per day.

Q: Tell me about the risk-FREE guarantee again?

A: We’re confident that you’re going to love how ActivOX makes you feel. However, if you’re not happy for any reason whatsoever with ActivOX Daily, simply return the boxes (even if you’re down to your last lozenge) and I’ll immediately issue you a full 100% refund of your purchase with no hassles or hard feelings.

And you can keep the free reports as my free gift to you, just for giving ActivOX Daily a try.

That’s how confident I am that ActivOX Daily will do everything we say it will do.

Q: When will my order arrive?

A: As of 06/20/2019, inventory is available and when you order now, you will instantly receive an order confirmation email. Rest assured, we are working hard to get your order out the door to you as quickly as possible! We will ship your order directly to your home or office using a premium carrier such as FedEx and you will have it within 7 to 14 business days of placing your order. Products are shipped from our warehouses in Tennessee and Utah, and we will send you a shipment notification email with tracking number as soon as your order ships so that you can track it right to your door.

Q: What if ActivOx Daily doesn’t work for me?

A: This one’s easy - You’re 100% covered! ActivOX Daily is fully guaranteed by our no questions asked guarantee. If your ActivOX Daily doesn’t do everything I’ve said it would - just return any unused supply and we’ll give you a 100% refund. Even if you’re down to your very last bit- you’re still covered.

Q: I live in California, does this product fall under Prop65?

For more information of California's Prop65 please click here.

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Dr. Lane Sebring M.D. is a licensed medical doctor in private practice in Wimberley, Texas. He has been compensated by Patriot Health Alliance for his hard work in helping us to research, develop and endorse ActivOX Daily.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people. In order to protect the privacy of some of our customers, their name and picture has been changed in the advertisement. Some of the customers featured in this advertisement were given a free package of ActivOx Daily in exchange for their feedback on the product. Although not guaranteed, every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the testimonials and customer letters we have received are exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The generally expected performance of our products in regards to any specific application has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to your specific results.

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